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New on demand Format


New on demand Format

The new on demand format is awful!  The boxes look like att is trying to be like the facebook 'likes' which suck anyway.  Those big boxes you are using don't tell us a thing and certainly do not make navigating the on demand list easier, they make it harder.  When I finally do get to a list the font is way to small, the layout gives me a headache and we need to go through far more steps to get where we want to go. Also, when we finally get to a list of shows we now have the title of the episode rather than date it aired. Who knows the show's titles in the right order? NO ONE!! 


Who comes up with these ideas must be on drugs and don't you people trial new ideas with a variety of your population? It seems like you may have had 15 year olds trial it and forget asking adults for their opinion.


"if it ain't broke don't fix it"


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Re: New interface for on-demand

May be with so many people not liking this new ondemand interface hopefully there is enough complaints about it AT&T will scrap it they need to stop it be for it gets worse .
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Re: New interface for on-demand

While I do like the new layout of the VOD interface, the load time for it to start working is insane, espcially since it interferes with using the search function. They do need to work out the kinks and speed up load times.

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Re: New interface for on-demand

AFAIK, still no "upgrade" in Indianapolis.  This is one that I will not be looking forward to getting.  The GUI interface has been slow for months and now it appears it will be even slower.  Great! Smiley Mad

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Re: New interface for on-demand

AT&T needs to scrap it or make it better before they add it to any more systems .
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Re: New interface for on-demand

I like the interface myself. Takes some, but not much, getting used to.  It is a little slower than before, but not enough that I'm going to lose sleep over.

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New On Demand GUI is terrible

I'm not sure who designed this piece of crap but it is horrible. 

1) It is slow.  This is my biggest complaint.  I would guess that loading times are approximately 100% slower. 

2) You don't design lateral menus when your main input device only provides vertical scrolling (via pageup/down keys).  It is slow and cumbersome when browsing for shows.  You can change to a vertical "list" view, which helps a bit. 

3) The show listings are poorly organized and non-descriptive.  I checked out a couple of shows I like to watch.  This is menu path for Game of Thrones: Premium->HBO-Cinemax->HBO on Demand HD (if I scroll down to Starz-Encore and then back up to HBO-Cinemax the submenu on the right occasionally does not change to the proper HBO-Cinemax submenu and gets stuck on the Starz-Encore submenu.  This is buggy crap that should have been recognized during QA testing)->HBO Series HD->Game of Thrones->GAME OF THRONES (shows should not be buried under this useless submenu)->Season 3->Then choose my desired episode.  That is 7 submenus to get to an 8th menu where I actually choose my show.  This is not very efficient and cumbersome and I am sure turns off a lot of people just trying to watch a show.  I'm sure you can avoid all these menus by using the search feature but entering characters with a remote is torture.  The ability to create your own Favorite Shows folder that allows quick access to your shows makes much more sense.  I also noticed that another of my favorite shows, Homeland, used to list individual shows with season and episode numbers in front of the actual title of the episode.  Now only the title of the episode is listed so I have no idea which show I left off on because I went by the season and episode numbers, not titles.  


I'm sure I will find more things I hate about it.  The only good thing I can say about it is that it looks pretty.  But I will always take functionality and efficiency over pretty.  

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Please roll back my software and don't update me any more

Reading these forums it's clear your new software rollout is a disaster.  To be honest, for the 3 1/2 years I've had the service each software update has added features I don't care about, and added stuff I don't like.


I want to go back to the software I had 2 days ago.  Software that had a functional Search button.  Software that had a functional On-Demand feature.  Software that responded within a second of pressing a button.  


I understand rolling out old software will cost you a lot of money.  Frankly, I don't care.  Next time test your code before you bloody roll it out to millions of people.


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Re: Please roll back my software and don't update me any more

I kind of like it!! Smiley Surprised  But albeit a little slower to "get where your going".  Providers have to update their offerings to keep up with the others out there.  If we were all stagnant we will still be driving cars from the 80's and 90's, have tube TV's, and be passed by.  Just sayin.  Some don't like change but it's inevitable. 

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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

Change is inevitable.  We have to adjust.

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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

Thanks for the generic platitude.  That doesn't change the fact that I think the interface is terrible and needs significant improvements.  I have no idea if any AT&T devs or reps ever look at these forums but I thought I would voice my opinion on the official AT&T forum.  If AT&T has a specific website or phone number where customers could give feedback about their uverse TV services, I would gladly direct my responses there.  My interactions with AT&T's customer service via the phone have been awful.  So I thought I would post my feedback here.  If you happen to know if AT&T reps ever look at these forums please tell me.  If they don't, I won't waste any more of my time on these forums.

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Recent changes to guide / search / on demand / stupid rotaing circle USELESS & SLOW!!!!!

So if all your goal was to slow things down even more and further frustrate your customers....well then, mission accomplished!

I can't even locate an email address to send this to.


Things were pretty average, but acceptable with my Uverse when I first got it a few years ago. But you keep making  useless tweaks to try and make it cooler, while accomplishing nothing practical or useful and only further to slow it down and irritate me to the point of wanting to smash it to dust with a sledgehammer.


Try to click on "more showtimes", forget it....now I get to sit and watch your, now everywhere, stupid spinning circle forever, only to then get the "temporarily unavailable" over and over again.


Try to set up a recording...nope same thing.


Sure, just keep trying over and over again and eventually it will succumb. What a deal, oh no wait I pay for this!


The new on demand interface is equally ridiculous, As is the new search interface....all of it just take more time to sift through....if it works at all.


I've unplugged, rebooted, tried it all....since these latest tweaks, it's simply overloaded or there's a bug.


We customers shouldn't have to pay you the over-inflated prices you charge to do your beta testing!


You could have gave us more useful options like being able to set a specific day of the week and time repeat record option like my charter used to.

For example, I set a lot of ...say weekly run Discovery or History channel shows... to record on their 2nd repeat air, at say 11:00 pm. because we record and/or watch a lot during primetime  preventing them from recording when they're '1st run new'. Many of those shows are being ran almost non stop all week long and with the current recording options, or should I say lack of, unless you're set to record "first run only", then you have to constantly delete future recordings to prevent it from running wild. If I could set it to record a show, at say only 10:00 PM every tuesday I wouldn't have to constantly tinker with the the thing to record just this weeks new 'deadliest catch'....instead of the last 3 seasons in 2 days.

You could have streamlined the interface, got rid of the useless graphics and glitz to use less memory, added useful upgrades or a better OS.....instead you do the exact opposite.

It's microsoft based for god's sake, like all MS garbage...throwing in anything else that eats more memory only ever makes things worse. Didn't we all learn back in the day that screensavers, cool background pics, fancy mouse pointers and the rest of that garbage only made your MS pc run like a herd of turtles marching through peanut butter?

Seriously though, I remember getting better performance from my old 10mhz 386 back in 1990.


Start with ditching that idiotic spinning circle some genius thought was "oh so cool" and then fire that clown for not knowing better than to bog down an already slow and awful OS. Nobody cares if you think it looks neat, we just want the thing to do what t's supposed to....to do what we PAY FOR!


I'm soooo close to cancelling every ATT service I have. My bill keeps going up and my service keeps going down! and your customer service? yeah, since you cut the necks of your U.S. employees and exported even more American jobs, it's pointless to even try....maybe if I learn Hindi!

I 'm certainly fed up with paying way to much for something that is supposed to provide entertainment, only serving to aggravate me every day.


If someone who speaks English as a first language would like to contact me about reducing my bill and actually providing the level of service I pay for, please feel free...otherwise I'll likely be searching for better service elsewhere and calling to have you come retrieve your equipment, and finally ending my misery.



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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

Yeah, I have to agree with the op, get used to it is a bull crap answer considering what we pay att for a SERVICE.


All they've done is continue to work to make everything look 'cooler', like plastering that ridiculous memory hogging spinning circle, and adding layer after layer of useless menus.


And to add insult to injury, it's impossible to send any real feedback to att other than to waste time speaking to someone in India making 20 bucks a month living in absolute poverty, with no concern at all about some yankees tv service, and really...who could blame them?


Then someone tries to use this forum for resolution, only to be piled upon by folks like you, telling them to 'get over it' .

What strikes me as particulary interesting, is how you're perfectly willing to accept less vaule for more money and allow a billion dollar corporation to take advantage of us and provide little to no customer service.

It's not like att is doing us a favor by letting us pay them $100 + a month to make them even richer while selling out American jobs, providing deminished services and lousy customer support time and time again.

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Re: New On Demand GUI is terrible

Bravo, IBEW1! Great post! I too hate the new On Demand and want the old one back.
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The Uverse update this past weekend sucks. .

The Uverse update this past weekend sucks.

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Re: Recent changes to guide / search / on demand / stupid rotaing circle USELESS & SLOW!!!!!

You make some great points, especially about jobs being sent overseas. not only does it hurt America, but I hate trying to talk to those foreigners!
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