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Re: VOD slow speed problem fixed


New on demand Format

The new on demand format is awful!  The boxes look like att is trying to be like the facebook 'likes' which suck anyway.  Those big boxes you are using don't tell us a thing and certainly do not make navigating the on demand list easier, they make it harder.  When I finally do get to a list the font is way to small, the layout gives me a headache and we need to go through far more steps to get where we want to go. Also, when we finally get to a list of shows we now have the title of the episode rather than date it aired. Who knows the show's titles in the right order? NO ONE!! 


Who comes up with these ideas must be on drugs and don't you people trial new ideas with a variety of your population? It seems like you may have had 15 year olds trial it and forget asking adults for their opinion.


"if it ain't broke don't fix it"


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Re: VOD slow speed problem fixed

Since this new interface seems slow for some and fast for others I was wondering if it has anything to do with your internet package or your max rate indicated on UVRT.  My max rate is 47576k and I have max 18 internet.


I remember that most all of the options where you got the spinning circle in the lower right hand corner used your internet connection to access these options such as UBAR, Santa Tracker, etc.  If in fact it does use your internet for this new interface maybe that's why some are seeing fast responce times and others slow times.


If it's using your overhead or bandwidth up to your max rate to make this work that might also explain why some are fast and some are slow.  If someone is on the 32/5 profile and their max rate is at 38 or 39k maybe there is not enough extra bandwidth to support the fast downloading of tiles, etc.  Those of us with a higher max rate would see faster times.


I wonder if someone with only Uverse TV and internet from someone else can even use this new on demand system?  Wonder if SomeJoe can see anything thru his UVRT software to determine if it's using internet or the max rate?

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Interesting article:


AT&T's U-verse Upgrades On Demand Store

Offers Improved User Interface, Search
AT&T's U-verse has rolled out a new U-verse On Demand storefront that is designed to make it easier for customer to find and access movies and TV shows.

Improved tools for finding On Demand content has become an increasingly important issue for multichannel operators as the amount of On Demand content continues to grow.


"Customers have access to thousands of titles today, and our new On Demand storefront will help them quickly discover the best movies and titles," said Mel Coker, chief marketing officer, AT&T Home Solutions in a statement.


The new interface was tested in AT&T Labs in Austin, Texas and then trialed with customers in Austin and San Antonio before launching on May 16.


It is currently available in Austin, Bakersfield, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Charleston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbia, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Dayton, Daytona Beach, Decatur, El Paso, Fayetteville, Fresno, Grand Rapids, Greensboro, Greenville, Houston, Jackson, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Knoxville, Lansing, Los Angeles, Louisville, Lubbock, Memphis, Miami, Midland, Milwaukee, Mobile, Monterey, Nashville, Reno, San Antonio, San Diego, South Bend, Springfield, St. Louis, Topeka, Tulsa and Wallingford.


Additional markets will be rolled out over the rest of the year.


New features include an improve user interface; advanced search tools; colorful poster art to simplify the process of finding interesting content; a My Videos section to keep track of current rentals in one place; and a My Queue section where users can save titles for later viewing.


In the future, the telco is planning additional improvements that will include an advanced recommendation engine.



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Re: User Interface Now Unacceptably Slow

I think it is dreadful too ...slow and to many steps PLUS it is hard to read
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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Thank you for this info.The listing option helps speed up the response but most people would not know it exists.


Most people will not find this info becuase the ATT Help site is very hard to work and has too many levels. It could take an hour going through all the possible solutions. The on screen icons need a description under the icon.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Ok this thread is too long to read everything, but I got through the first several pages and here are my thoughts ...


I got the upgrade after my box freaked out last week and would no longer work.  I ended up doing a hard-reset to get it back online and that actually worked.  However when it came back online, I had the dreaded on-demand "upgrade."


Everyone is basically right, it is terrible and they basically dumbed the interface down for little children with pretty pictures.  What everyone is also completely wrong about is that changing the setting back to menu-mode or whatever it is called from graphic mode DOES NOT reset it back to the old on-demand format.  It just turns the new format into menus and words.  The way it works and the layout remains the same as the picture format just with menus and it totally sucks.


It is dinosaur slow - or actually even way freaking slower than that.  I've done all the resets, RG and STB-wise and it makes no difference in the speed of the system everything is achingly slow to respond, but the on-demand is beyond terrible.


The other thing I see no mention of (maybe it is just on my system) is that on the old on-demand system I had free shows.  You pick the network and then there was a HUGE list of all their shows and all the offerings available.  ALL of those options ARE GONE!  Sure I still have the Free shows pick and the networks are listed.  All the shows that were available prior to the upgrade are totally missing and there is little to almost NO CONTENT available for network shows to catch up on.  That totally screws me over.  What the heck is up with that?


AT&T please repopulate the on-demand offerings with everything and all the shows that were available before the "upgrade."


I am not a happy customer.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

I agree. The font is too small, the colors clash, too much is crammed into one screen and it takes twice as long as the previous "On Demand", Think AT&T must have had some grammar school kids come up with this new scheme.
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Re: New On Demand format HORRIBLE! Houston

Agree. I hate it. I can barely see the titles on 52" tv. It is super slow, confusing. If u want to see "all movies", u have to click the same option more than once because of the subcategories and than the subcategories of the subcategories. It takes forever, it annoys me badly. Tried to email att with comments, but to email att, it is a days work. Tried the link to change it from picture view to last view, but even if u change it to "last view" /list/, it is still super slow. Just imagine, someone actually got paid a lot to redesign OD, and we have to pay a lot now to use this garbage. Thanks att. 

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks



Thank goodness we seldom watch any programming or movies On Demand.  Smiley Mad

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

What is really sad, is the people come on here to vent....but nobody at AT&T actually cares about our comments.  The pathetic thing is horrible and I seriously doubt it will ever be fixed.  I am looking at alternatives to move forward without UVerse as part of our lives any more.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

I toitally agree.  This new format and interface is horrible.  It seems that it wasn't end-user tested.  It is driving me and my family insane and to the point that we are now seriously considering switching to another provider.  And not just this new on demand format is driving us to such decision... since we became U-verse customers a couple years ago, I haven't seen the servcie improve, but rather become worse over time.  Very disappointing.


And as other have also alredy posted in this forum: it seems that ATT isn't interested in our experience or opinions, suggestions and feedback.... well, they probably will have to when they start losing customers... and that will happen faster than they think. There are better and higher quality alternatives to consider.

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Agreed. ATT has royally screwed their loyal customers... but that is no more. Time to cancel this poor "service".

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WOW! On Demand is a Nightmare now!

There was nothing to watch of any interest on the regular channels tonight....so we decided to see what movies might be available in On Demand.   It has been quite a long time since we have ventured into that part of U-verse.  It was a revolting and very tiring experience.  Slow....slow....slow.  It is probably the most poorly planned and managed system I have ever experienced on U-verse.  By the time we fought our way through the long....long waits for information to come up on various movies we were so bored and tired of messing with it.....we had completely lost interest and just turned it off.  On Demand has been completely ruined.  My wife thought maybe she could access it via her iPad and order up a movie.  But that is only possible if you want to watch it on the iPad.  If you want to watch it on your TV you must go through all that mess with your remote......waiting and waiting and waiting while the little arrow goes around in circles.   I actually nearly drifted off to sleep while waiting for information on one filme.   The type face on the screen is so tiny....even on our 55" screen just 15 ft. away from us.....that the titles can only barely be read.


AT&T needs to dump this whole system and either go back to the old format or come up with something new that is WAY much faster.  This is awful!   If you don't believe me....go give it a try and see what you think.


Good grief AT&T.  Don't you give a darn for your faithful customers.  Up to now we've been happy.   All of a sudden we discover what kind of dumb things have beens going on while we weren't paying attention.   Who are the nitwits that come up with this kind of mess?

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

"AT&T's U-verse has rolled out a new U-verse On Demand storefront that is designed to make it easier for customer to find and access movies and TV shows."

 Personal experience, as well as friends and family,  find it more difficult and 'excruciatingly' slow.  While we might get used to the interface eventually it certainly is not very user friendly.  If they don't breakers the interface they'll likely lose customers

, I mean this ridiculously SLOW.   I have already reset my box as part of the regular 'DVR not connected' fix 


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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Agree with all, in particular the sudden lack of on demand content.  It seems att  rolled out a vast reduction of content, hidden under a new confusing interface (though it seems this is a brilliant idea because I've found few that have noticed the missing content as yet)


please bring back the content att.  in the end this will hurt as the competition in my area already had far more on demand content than att, now it is just a joke.  The CEO says they are getting great feedback from customers, well where do I send my negative feedback so they hear it? Or is negative feedback ignored/discarded

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Re: New on demand Format Sucks

Took me only 6 seconds to load, right arrowed into Uverse Movies, right arrowed to the 1st item, hit OK, info was up in 3 seconds.  Of course I turned back to a list version, so none of the covers have to load.  On a 2550.


To turn back into a list version, first right arrow, look at lower left border.  There will be 3 small icons, bottom one turns it back into list version. 😉



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