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New on demand Format


New on demand Format

The new on demand format is awful!  The boxes look like att is trying to be like the facebook 'likes' which suck anyway.  Those big boxes you are using don't tell us a thing and certainly do not make navigating the on demand list easier, they make it harder.  When I finally do get to a list the font is way to small, the layout gives me a headache and we need to go through far more steps to get where we want to go. Also, when we finally get to a list of shows we now have the title of the episode rather than date it aired. Who knows the show's titles in the right order? NO ONE!! 


Who comes up with these ideas must be on drugs and don't you people trial new ideas with a variety of your population? It seems like you may have had 15 year olds trial it and forget asking adults for their opinion.


"if it ain't broke don't fix it"


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Re: New interface for on-demand

tazoman78 wrote:

now we just need a netflix app hmmmmmm

You'll never see a Netflix app on a U-Verse STB (or any other cable companies boxes either). Netflix directly competes with U-Verse's VOD offerings.


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Re: New interface for on-demand

so sad only if companies worked together the money they could make together would be great LOL
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Re: New interface for on-demand

Though I won't be surprise to  see ATT own screen pack app on UVerse in the future

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I now have the new On Demand interface in the Houston, TX area.


Seriously, I could actually ride a giant tortoise to the movie theater faster than I could find a movie on this thing.


Giant Tortoise





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Re: New interface for on-demand

The SEARCH function has been replaced too. 


1) It's now very slooowww.

2) It returns the times of shows in standard time. When you press OK to record a show the time reverts to daylight savings.


3) It often take 2 presses of the OK button on a selected program to get to the record menu.


4) It returns dates up to 14 days in advance, but the guide only has about 13, so you can't record that 14-days-in-the-future item.


5) The MORE SHOWTIMES function usually returns an error, so I have go back to the main search function and search from there.


6) If I cancel a recording, then press BACK to return to the list of more showtimes, the red dot is still on the showtime I just canceled.



Who tests this stuff before it's released?  Anybody? Does Uverse have a Quality Assurance group?






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Re: New interface for on-demand

Is that one of the Comcast Slowskys?
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Re: New interface for on-demand

ethanedwards wrote:
Is that one of the Comcast Slowskys?


Could be, but I think even Comcast might be faster than this On Demand interface. Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy



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Re: New interface for on-demand

I really hate the new uverse on demand setup OMG its the worst it takes longer to find a movie you don'nt know what's going on moving back and forward I just upgraded with the uverse screen pak because I enjoyed going through looking at all my options of movies, but with this new change I don't want to even go to on demand anymore. its so bad, who ever designed this it SUCKS, you went from a good and easy face set up to something crazy, harder to find a movie, takes longer to find a movie, you don'nt want to go through all the trouble this new system  takes to look for a movie. att paid some one to mess up something that did not need to be messed with, I use to look forward to coming home going to my u-verse on demand, now I just feel like crying I will be deleting my upgrade its just not worth it with this new face lift. a lot of big boxes poping up, so fustrating.

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Re: New interface for on-demand

This change is the worst what is really happening, I think the decision makers at att are all on crack

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Re: New interface for on-demand

worst gui every... performance is terrible... completely unintuitive.... what the heck is wrong with the management at ATT that they approved this?


had problems with cell phone service with ATT - cancelled

had problems with satelite service with ATT - cancelled

had problems with home phone service with ATT - cancelled

had problems with DSL internet service with ATT - cancelled


what was i freakin thinking... uverse with ATT? cancelled as soon as i can...

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Re: New interface for on-demand

Could not agree more.  The new interface is not only slower but when you are looking for something like a specific episode of a premium channel series, they have now removed the year and episode numbers and replaced them with the episode names making it much harder to find what you want.  PLEASE ATT, listen to your customers and change it back.

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I completely agree!  The new interface for "On Demand" is painfully slow, cumbersome, and a huge mistake.  It is far from user friendly, as it runs too slow and takes forever to load the movies to find one you want.  Can you say time to switch to Netflix? 


Also, the parental controls are useless.  The "Adult Only" category now appears on the "On Demand" screen, so my kids can read categories like "Quickies" and "Hot S-x" even with the parental controls in place.  Really?  This is family friendly? 


AT&T has screwed up yet again!  As consumers, we have choices.  So, it's time to make another choice. 

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I like it so my choice is to keep it.

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Re: New interface for on-demand

I use Roku so i don't use ondemand that much have Netflix , Amazon prime , and HBO Go i just use it to watch Starz and Showtime ondemand that's about it .
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ACE - Expert

Re: New interface for on-demand

Got the new interface today. The real bad news for me is that it breaks the Search. Needed ro search for more showtimes because the series recording does not work on some shows.

After pressing OK, the circle of death started & ended saying search is not available - try again.

This software should never have been deployed if it does not work. This is a five year setback in product.
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