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New features "wish list"


New features "wish list"

I've had U-verse TV for about three weeks now and am finally getting used to the new controls and commands. However, during my perusal of the control functions I notice some things that I had with my old system that don't seem to be available with U-verse. They are as follows:

1. When pausing a show, there is no way to advance or retract the show frame-by-frame. No matter which buttons I try, there is no way to move the frames one by one. This is handy when trying to see a particular frame shot of something, like an outfielder making a shoe-string catch, or someone spotting a suspect's face in an instant.

2. After watching a recorded show or when first tuning into a live show, there is no way to restart a show that is in progress (start-over). If I exit a recorded show to live TV, and it is 5 minutes into the live TV show, I cannot start the show over and it acts like I have just tuned into that channel, even though that was the channel I was on when I decided to view a recorded show.

3. It would be nice if they would move the favorites guide as an option under the Guide button instead of having to use the Menu button. It makes sense that you if really want the guide menu, select Guide then use the favorites option there rather than going to the full menu and picking Favorites. The same should hold true for setting up favorites.


That's all I can think of right now. If anyone has found a work-around or knows how to do any of these, please let me know.

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Re: New features "wish list"

1. No, there is no frame by frame advance.


2. No, there is no "start over".  There is a buffer up to 60 minutes on the TV connected to the DVR.  The buffer is the lesser of either the time that your TV has been tuned to the channel or 60 minutes.  When the rollout of the THDVR Phase 3 Update is complete, this ability will exist on all TV's.


3. You can access the Favorite channels menu to add, view and change favorites by pressing the ENTER (ZOOM) button in the lower right of the remote.  You can press the right and left arrows to move between the Favorite channels, Zoom, and Audio language menus.

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Re: New features "wish list"

So, for #2, you're saying that if I tune the DVR to channel #1234 and it is connected to that channel for more than 60 minutes, I lose the last 60 minutes of viewing that channel or the first 60 minutes. And how does it treat that channel if I go to a recorded show and then come back to that channel after 60 minutes?

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Re: New features "wish list"

The channel buffer starts capturing a channel when you tune to that channel. If you leave that channel, in any way, the live buffer is gone. When you tune back to the channel it starts a new buffer.


This seems especially painful for people who came from service that does have two live buffers. I can see that watching in that manner is addictive. For me, it is better to record shows & watch one show through, skipping adds. Also, I can watch when I want to & do not miss a show due to conflicts in my schedule.


I only jump in/out for live sports events & use a second TV to see when the ad is over. Use the last button to toggle live/recorded.

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Re: New features "wish list"

The Uverse DVRs don't have tuners like other service providers dvrs.  The video is delivered to your home in 4 streams of internet packets that are decoded by the stbs.  DTV and Comcast dvrs have dual tuners which enable the user to switch between two channels and the programs on those two channels are stored in a temporay buffer.


A workaround for this feature is to record the two, three, or four channels that are airing simultaneously.  Then go to the recorded programs menu and watch them there.  This is not meant as a solution, but a way to come close to what you were used to when you had another service providers dvr.  Just a thought.

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