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New Channels!!!!!


New Channels!!!!!

In Dallas, I see the following new channels in the Guide with the message COMING SOON:


37 - U-verse Shopping 6


196 - U-verse Shopping 7


228 - U-verse Shopping 8


367 - U-verse Shopping 9


471 - U-verse Shopping 10


580 - U-verse Shopping 11


800 - AT&T U-verse Showcase


909 - Encore MoviePlex (Starplex)


1266 - National Geographic Wild HD


1535 - Fuse Network HD


1654 - Fox Soccer Channel HD


1656 - GolTV HD


1762 - Fox Sports Net Arizona HD


1800 - U-verse Showcase

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Re: FSC in HD is now live

Yes. When a channel appears or disappears, it generally does so for the whole country. The notable exceptions are regional sports channels, of which FSC is NOT one, local channels, or the west coast or east coast feeds of channels, such as the upcoming Comedy Central west coast feeds.

And starting a new thread when there are several on the same topic is poor etiquette, no matter how you slice it.
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Titan TV Listing of New Channel

Titan TV Guide has finally listed the new channel that U-verse went live with a few days ago.

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Re: New Channels!!!!!

Oh man, I'm so excited about these shopping channels!  Awesome!  Thanks ATT!


.... Yeah, right.  Gives me a good excuse to warm up the remote and find the "hide" feature.

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Re: New Channels!!!!!

@wxray wrote:

Oh man, I'm so excited about these shopping channels!  Awesome!  Thanks ATT!


.... Yeah, right.  Gives me a good excuse to warm up the remote and find the "hide" feature.

You should be thanking them for the shopping channels. The more of those their are, the better the rates hold.  The shopping channels pay to be on unlike other channels.  Bring a few 100 more.  That's what the hide function is for.

” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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Re: New Channels!!!!!

Thank you, AT&T! Just in time for the Premiere League. FSC in HD!

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Re: New Channels!!!!!

I have the Movie Pack with u-200. Should I be getting MoviePlex on 909?
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Re: New Channels!!!!!

According to the link below, Movieplex (channel 909) is in the U300 and above packages, but not include in the Movie Package.



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Re: New Channels!!!!!

Oh well. We have a huge "bug" our system. AT&T has been out numerous times and no tech can solve it. Spoke today to "last chance tech support". They're gonna send out a tech from a team with a 95% success rate.

They've given us so much free or discounted programming, I'm not gonna raise grief over one channel.

I got a deal on HD premium. I also shoulda asked about FS+, but my mind was thinking NFL RedZone. Plus, my Saturdays are so full of college football that Fox Soccer is enough.
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Re: New Channels!!!!!


PS -- That's what I saw. That and your link seem to disagree.
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