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Re: WTHR or 1113 is no longer available!


NBC, WTHR, CBS - September Contract Negotiation

Why was NBC dropped from the channel lineup? This is a major network that I watch frequently. I am not happy about this change and don't remember receiving any notification of this change.

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Re: CBS in Columbus, OH area

Thanks for the tip about the Rebate. I agree. We should flood the phone lines and extract $30 each now that there is a precedent and in Columbus, OH, use $9 to get CBS All-Access. That seems like to fair trade to me. 


As for everyone else, the problem with storming the phone lines and threatening to cancel is that it is an empty threat for those of us with long-term contracts and AT&T knows it. 

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Indianapolis NBC affiliate not in channel lineup

Indianapolis NBC affiliate not in channel lineup... Channel 13, the Indianapolis NBC affiliate, is no longer in the channel lineup. This happens to be one of my favorite stations to watch. I called to see if there was going to be a reflection in my bill for the missing popular channel… Entire network. I was assured that would be. Upon receiving my bill there was no adjustment for not having the NBC network. I would like to know how much should I deduct from my bill for this.
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Re: NBC and Fox

But if I use the antenna, can I record the shows?  I can access NBC now through Amazon FireStick but can't record.

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Re: NBC and Fox

You can record if you run the antenna through a recording device!


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ATT issue with NBC and Fox Sports

If ATT doesn't fix their contract issues by Noc 1st my family and I will switch back to Time Warner Spectrum. This is ridiculous.
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Re: WTHR or 1113 is no longer available!

Looks like AT&T will NOT negotiate with either the CBS affiliate in Columbus or the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis. So why do we want to continue with them?

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Channel 13 and 1013

Why is channel 1013 not viewable and why am I paying for full service without it?

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Disappointed with no WTHR (nbc)

Why is there still no NBC? No answers are ever given. I am going to cancel. Too much money and am missing too many football games!!
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What is the status of channel 13 in Indianapolis??

I am going to switch TV and internet services if our NBC station is not restored
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Ready to cancel att uverse

I am in the process of finding a new cable provider due to the loss of WBNS 10 tv. Very frustrated and done being patient waiting for you to work out a deal.
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Missing CBS

Only 1.5 more weeks till I change my TV viewing options. If I cut the cord I will not be back. Let's get this fixed now!!
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lack of customer service

I wish I had never switched to att from comcast. Your inability to secure WTHR for your customers   can not be accepted. It is just greed from att and not caring enough for your customers. PONY THE MONEY OR LOSE A LOT OF CUSTOMERS!!!!!!




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Re: lack of customer service

Plucked from a another forum post:


Every year these threads appear.  And every year I keep wishing the carriers (cable companies and ATT) would hold their ground until the local's realize they are losing eyes for their advertising.   People blame the carriers for their "greed" and not supplying "their channels" that "they are paying for". 


First, they are not "your channels".  ATT can do anything they want to the channel lineup as per these terms of service (8. INTERRUPTIONS, LIMITATIONS, AND MODIFICATIONS TO SERVICE).  You are paying for a TV service, not specific individual channels.


Second in this case it's the locals who are the greedy ones here asking for ever more and more money every year for something most anyone can get for free with an antenna (assuming the locals are in range - check here).  And then later everyone complains of their ever increasing bills when the one of the reasons for that increase is the "Broadcast TV Surcharge".  So guess who's actually paying for the locals for their greed?


If the carriers stonewalled these locals maybe they would "blink" and put an end to this annual blackmail.  But it never happens and it's just wishful thinking on my part.  In reality the carriers and the locals eventually come to an "agreement" where the locals get less than they asked for (they probably asked for twice as much as they need anyhow if they truly need any more in the first place).  We end paying for the bill.  And it's always the carriers that are to blame.  There's a lot to blame and greed to put on the carriers, but this annual negotiation crap is not one of them.

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Re: WTHR or 1113 is no longer available!

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to thank you all for your feedback! Here is some more useful information on this topic:


Things To Know From AT&T Regarding Channel Negotiations


- Fighting for you portal


Thanks again!



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U-Verse problems.

Not only has my local NBC affiliate (WTHR-Indianapolis) disappeared from view, the program guides no longer tell what programs are scheduled.  Everything comes up "Information Not Available".  What's going on with U-Verse?  I pay a ridiculous amount to you every month for my home phone, internet, and U-Verse bundle.  I would like to have the WHOLE package!!



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