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MLB Coverage - Raleigh-Durham


MLB Coverage - Raleigh-Durham

I was hoping some folks local to Raleigh-Durham could help me find what I'm looking for.  After searching my way through MLB's black-out rules, supported channels, etc, I'm still a little lost.


Apparently the Raleigh-Durham area is part of the Washington/Baltimore region.  However, I can't find MASN on my channel listing and found it's just not supported by U-Verse.  If that's the case, what options do I actually have for local MLB coverage?  I'm trying to figure out what FS Networks (if any) will regularly carry certain teams before I break down and convince myself I have to go get MLB.TV.


I'm new to U-Verse and am used to being spoiled by having NESN that carried all my local Red Sox games.  Figuring out the FSN jigsaw is proving to be daunting!



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Re: MLB Coverage - Raleigh-Durham

Put your zip code in here.  It will tell you which teams you will have as local. 

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Re: MLB Coverage - Raleigh-Durham

Congratulations! You are in the worst area in the US to watch MLB, as am I. As you noted, Uverse doesn't carry MASN. Neither does TWC. (Dish and Directv do, I think). The FSN regional networks are all blacked out in our area. The only games we get to watch are the nationally televised games on ESPN, Fox, MLB Net, etc. You can get MLB-TV over the internet, but Orioles/Nationals games are blacked out in our area on that also.

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Re: MLB Coverage - Raleigh-Durham

It is very frustrating that the MLB witholds its product from fans.  Maybe they are smarter than me but I can't think of any good reason to blackout games on channels that are available in Raleigh.   Do they think its possible to watch games on a channel that we don't get?  



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