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Lost Channels - March 2017


Lost Channels - March 2017

Why should I have to lose the channels that I'm paying for service we need to get this worked out so that we can go back to watching and just some of the program that we were watching

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No local stations

I woke up this morning and all of my local channels are gone. What happend? My zip code is 13624
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Local Channels Unavailable

Our local channels are unavailable, is there a way to fix this?

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Re: Channels problem

Sound like you are using conventional DirecTV, not DirecTV Now, since DTVN doesn't have channel numbers. This is a forum for DirecTV Now, and we don't know anything about the conventional service.

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I woke up to no local channels. .Of all days! What is being done to fix this

I woke up to no local channels. .Of all days!  What is being done to fix this..

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Re: Local Channels Unavailable

Same problem here, but I noticed that all the settings have been messed up, like the screen resolution and favorite channels list.  I'm assuming its something on their end.  Restarting the box now to see if that helps.


Edit:  Yep, resetting seems to have fixed the issue.  Just hit the red button on your dvr.

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Re: local channels

Where are you located? I am in central IL and all of a sudden today we do not have local channels either!! I am so sick of Direct TV. Cannot wait until my contract is up! I have been on hold with customer service for over 45 mins now and waiting online chat for 20 mins. This is ridiculous!! So I reset the entire system and now all local channels are back.


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Missing channels???

I haven't checked every channel, but I am missing Velocity and Showtime Beyond? The channels were there yesterday???

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local channels

so, woke up this morning and i have no local channels...??????????????????????????????????????????????????

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channels not available

is there a problem with channels on my boxes and if so do you know this will be resolve?

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I have no HD channels
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tv local channels

I can't get any of my local tv channels on any of my 4 tvs.  No storms.


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Re: Help

I live in Maine and have same problem. No HD channels and no local. hit reset but did nothing. Thanks DTV techs for the quick replys to our questions......NOT

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Re: Help

I have no local channels and have tried to reset it numerous times and it is not helping. Been on hold now for over 15 minutes. Why does the reset work for some people and not others?

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No Channels From 2 through 69

I called Directv about no channel reception from 2 through 69. They told me the Broadcasting Company is having problems and engineers are working on it. So, no local channels until further notice.
New Mexico
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Local channels "not available"

I am getting ALL of my Direct TV channels, except today my local channels were "Channel not availble". Do I just need to re-set my system?

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