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Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped


Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

This problem started this past weekend. We have a Toshiba TV, Model 19LV61OU, and we have the owner's manual.


We had to start using both the U-Verse remote and the Toshiba TV remote when the Volume button on the U-Verse remote stopped working. (I changed the batteries in the U-Verse remote in case the Volume button was just low power batteries. A replacement U-Verse remote has been ordered.)


While using the Toshiba remote to adjust the volume, some other button got pressed and we lost the entire TV image. After following the steps in the Toshiba TV owner's manual, I got the picture back.


But, now, the left and right sides of the picture are cut off - about 5% on each side. With the on-screen U-Verse program Guide displaying, I can't see the channel numbers on the left - I can see "ide" of the word "Guide" and on the far right I can see only the first part of the time in the upper right corner and the name of the program in the 3rd half hour is cut off.


I've tried a variety of suggested steps involving the Zoom on both the U-Verse remote and the Toshiba TV remote. I have the picture settings set to Normal. We have an HDMI connection.


What am I missing here to correct the problem? Until the issues encountered this past weekend the TV picture was fine and not cropped in any way.


Thanks in advance for helpful step-by-step advice.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

FWIW - The manual was the most difficult ever to obtain on-line.


The u-verse zoom setting should have no impact on menu/guide display.

with HDMI connection & widescreen TV thee u-verse aspect should be set to either of the two HD settings.

The tv picture size (page 38) shoule be set to full (most likely) or natural.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Thank you, Ace-Master -


The settings you suggest are what I have in place, now - Natural for the TV picture. I also tried the TV picture setting at Full, with no luck. The picture is still cropped on the left and right sides.


I agree with you that getting the Toshiba TV 19LV61OU owner's manual online is a challenge. I couldn't find my paper copy that came with the TV and tried to find it this past weekend through the Toshiba web site. I didn't find a PDF version of the manual there, but did find it for free on another website. I printed it off and saved it as a PDF in my documents on my computer.


I will try calling U-Verse Technical Support. I did see through the eHow web site that as of April 1, 2011 (hope it isn't an April Fool's joke) AT&T Tech Support Agents can adjust TV picture Aspect Ration settings remotely.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

@Jeannie_DI do think it is the TV setting & not U-verse settings. & those cannot be changed remotely by u-verse techs. The announcement is refering to STB settings that affect the TV.


There is another complication I saw with your TV - the use of a computer on the HDMI input. I cannot really get into it without having the TV to work with. I thought it said natural would only apply when using a computer & be greyed out otherwise. Whereas Full would apply to TV.


Some things for you to try -

Can you find a menu item to reset the TV to factory default?

Can you try it with component cables? You can steal RCA cables from another (stereo) use in the house. You only need the three video connections, not the two audio to test. Possibly even get away with one video cable if you get a picture on one of the three connections?

Can you see if you have a setting for the computer connection I mention above & make sure you are not using it?

Maybe contact Toshiba?

I googled toshiba picture too big for screen & got this result - https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&as_q=Toshiba+picture+too+big+for+screen&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&as...

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

While not looking up info, some TV remotes have a P.Size or picture size, options may be 4:3, 16:9, etc. 

Use Uverse remote to bring Guide up on screen and go through options till screen fits.

The Uverse set up should be 720p or 1080i, and ZOOM should be NORMAL.


A tech visit for this would be classified as CPE (consumer personal equipment) issue and be a billable $99 service call as issue is not with Uverse equipment but your TV settings.

Contact TV manufacture for assistance in resolving your settings if cannot resolve on own.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

I found another setting on the TV on page 43 - Auto aspect turn it on or turn it off to see if it has an impact.


To get manual at Toshiba


click support

Enter model number in box

click Go, get error

place cursor at end input

delete a couple of chars, select model number from top of list

Manuals & specs is grey box on right down page - click

click on - Toshiba On-Line Users Guide for 19lv610u 22lv610u 26lv610u 19lv611u 22lv611u

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Thank you, aviewer -


I've tried the TV Reset, to reset the picture back to the original factory settings, many times (since the cropped picture problem began this past weekend), with no postitive result - meaning: the TV picture remains cropped on both the left and right sides after Reset and then after choosing what seem to be the proper picture size/Aspect settings.


On my TV, the Full picture mode stretches the picture out making all the people in the picture look overly "chubby." Natural is the one that does not stretch the image out and distort it. It is the setting I had for the TV picture before the cropping problem occured.


I've made sure I am not using the computer connection. Also, prior to posting my problem, I tried changing out the cable and HDMI connections.


I will check out the link you provided and see what other possible solutions are given.


Thank you for your time. It's a little problem with my TV, but extremely annoying as I know the picture was fine before this weekend's goof.



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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Thank you, mythoughts -


My TV does have picture size/Zoom options, but they do not give the number ratio options you state. My old TV had those, so I know what you are talking about.


Thank you for the tip on the cost of an AT&T Tech visit. I won't call AT&T U-Verse tech support. :-)


Trying to get hold of a Toshiba service representative by telephone may be the final option.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Thank you, aviewer -


I've tried the change of the auto Aspect more than once since the picture problem began, too.


Thank you for your diligence in finding the Toshiba TV Model 19LV61OU user's manual on the Toshiba site. I'm not sure why the company makes finding the manual on their web site so difficult. It doesn't give me much hope if I finally need to contact a Toshiba service representative in person.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

By the way, this weekend when I went to the Toshiba site to find the owner's manual for my TV, when I followed aviewer's steps outlined above, and then clicked on the Manuals & Specs tab, I got no results to click on, as the web page now gives:


Toshiba On-Line Users Guide for 19lv610u 22lv610u 26lv610u 19lv611u 22lv611u


How annoying is that? I did find the PDF version of the manual through a non-Toshiba site this past weekend.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

I got off the phone with a Toshiba TV service representative about 10 minutes ago. She suggested trying to play a DVD on the TV (it's a TV/DVD player combination unit) to see if the picture cropping (side cropping) problem existed with the DVD images.


I ran a DVD and while it was playing I tried all the picture size variations for the TV. I couldn't tell if small parts of each side of the DVD images were cropped or not. I chose the best picture choice for viewing the DVD and left that as the TV picture settings.


I ejected the DVD to check the TV pictures. The left and right sides are still cropped.


The Toshiba TV service representative told me that if after viewing a DVD and checking the picture size for DVD viewing, the TV picture was still cropped, then the problem may be with the the HD cable TV service - which for me is AT&T U-Verse. Sigh . . .


I'm going to wait until the replacement U-Verse remote comes and then, I will telephone U-Verse technical service.


Note: I did find the Toshiba troubleshooting and community help forums. They gave the same advice for resetting the TV picture as I found in the TV owner's manual and on other web sites.


I've also tried unplugging all the connections from the TV, along with the TV power cord and re-connecting them.


So far, nothing seems to fix the cropped picture problem.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Thanks for keeping us up to date & discussion brings other ideas.

I hope you have another STB that you can try on the Toshiba. Is it easier to move the Toshiba or the STB? Try the STB now connected to the Toshiba on the other TV & vice-versa.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Ta dah! Problem solved.


I found info on an eHow.com page: How to Adjust Uverse Aspect Ration (HD settings) page. This is the URL:



The problem with the TV picture size WAS a U-Verse issue.


Following are my synopis of the instructions I found posted by braniac on the eHow.com page:


[First make sure your TV picture settings follow the right settings based on your Toshiba TV owner's manual.]


1. Make sure the TV and U-Verse box are turned on


2. With the U-Verse remote control, press the MENU button


3. On the MENU screen, move over to OPTIONS (a word which may only display partially because the right side of the picture is cropped)


4. On the OPTIONS screen, move to SYSTEM OPTIONS (again, the first part of "System" will be cropped on the left)


5. Press OK


6. On the SYSTEM OPTIONS screen, move down to TV SCREEN RESOLUTION (HD/SD) (even with the left part of the choice being cropped, it should be easy to determine this one)


7. Press OK


8. On the TV SCREEN RESOLUTION (HD/SD) screen, Press the RIGHT ARROW (to the right of the OK button)


9. With the DOWN ARROW, just below the OK button, move to highlight the button for WIDESCREEN STANDARD DEFINITION


10. After there is a white dot in the blue button for WIDESCREEN STANDARD DEFINITION, with the UP ARROW, just above the OK button, move up to CONTINUE


11. Press OK


12. Then, Press MENU until the TV picture can be seen.


13. To verify the cropping is gone, just press the U-Verse remote GUIDE button


Voila, the picture is no longer cropped along the sides.

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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Kudos to you for your persistence & seeking other avenues.


I can't believe I did not mention the aspect setting when talking about the zoom in an early post.


I do see that MT mentioned it, but not in that detail.


The thing is, if you are set on widescreen SD, you are not optimizing your picture. It is a very good picture. But, I believe it will be better on one of the two HD settings.


Your previous setting must have been one of the first two, not one of the last three. You should try the HD settings. You can always go back.


Since you have changed it, you know you have to move the cursor to accept the change after the test.


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Re: Left and Right Sides of TV Picture Cropped

Thank you for your advice, aviewer. I will try out your suggestions.


As you can tell from my posted solution, I like step-by-step instructions, as do many people. I write out any instructions I provide to someone like I would write the directions for a recipe. That is how I learned to provide technical writing.

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