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Is the receiver truly this crippled?!?


Is the receiver truly this crippled?!?

I'm now slightly under a week away from installation, and played with a friend's U-verse box last night for a couple of hours. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't seriously underwhelmed and disappointed.


Problem #1: no apparent way to tell the box, "Show me content in its native format" -- ie, leave 1080i60 as 1080i60, and 720p60 as 720p60. The box seemed determined to force everything to one or the other. Is there truly no way to force it to be native?


At the very least, do discrete remote codes exist to directly select 720p60/1080i60/480i60, or can you program macros on a thirdparty remote to quickly and deterministically blast through the menus and change? 


Problem #2: no apparent way to hide SD shadows of HD channels... or even visually distinguish HD from SD in search results without actually clicking on each result one at a time to see whether it's HD or SD. Can you at least go in and set up a list of favorite channels by hand (to reduce the size of the realtime tv guide), and is there a way to search for programs that limits itself to either channels in that 'favorite' list, or only shows HD channels? 


Along the same lines, does the box perhaps cooperate with a Logitech Revue to improve things a bit? I have one that I haven't really bothered with lately (it ended up being more of an annoyance than anything), but if it can shake hands with AT&T''s box and improve it, that would be an option worth considering.


On the other hand, does the box and AT&T have an official or reverse-engineered API for searching/grabbing program data in XML format over the internet (or directly from the box over tcp/ip), and/or any way to directly do things like change output resolution/mode via TCP/IP, so that thirdparty Android apps could work around and overcome its limitations?

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Re: Is the receiver truly this crippled?!?

All CRT's and Plasma's are subject to mild IR and if the contrast and brightness are not set to torch mode IR will not turn into burn in but go away very quickly and unless you are looking at solid color slides it would be hard to detect.

I have only seen two sets that come close to plasma quality and that was the new Elite's and Sony Hx 929 both cost over twice as much in comparable size to the ST,GT and VT Panasonics which are the current leaders in flat panel shoot outs.

Of course if you throw budget out the window and can afford JVC's DILA projector and Draper Screen then you have what I call the ultimate HT.

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