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Intermittent Problem with U-verse TV - going on 3 mos now!


Intermittent Problem with U-verse TV - going on 3 mos now!

I have had an intermittent problem with the TV freezing which has been going on 3 months now.  I have had numerous techs out (inside and outside) and even got a network manager involved.  Still - almost daily between 6 pm and 7 pm (about the time of the evening news), the picture freezes, or goes into a mosaic and stutters or I get the LOST TV SIGNAL message onscreen that lists remedies like checking cables, rebooting the boxes, etc.  I have had inside techs, outside techs, replaced equipment like STB/RG, etc.  The problem seems to clear up later in the evening.  They have told me repeatedly there is no problem inside the house - they have checked everything.  But ATT has also said multiple times they found a problem and fixed it (presumably outside somewhere) - but the problem continues.  I recall one guy with a laptop saying "you have no backend" - he was looking at a graph.  He acted like that was bad. But I have no idea what he meant.   I have had others say they see lot of errors - but also had them say they were seeing no errors right at the same time that I am viewing my TV screen and it's freezing up!  This occured during the test they run while they have you on the phone.  I have probably spent 30-40 hours of my time alone on this problem (on the phone, meeting techs, etc).  I am not exaggerating!


I just loaded the UV Realtime utility and attached the screen shots mentioned in other posts in the hopes someone can help me.  Note - there was no COAX/HPNA data to include.  Thanks.





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Re: Intermittent Problem with U-verse TV - going on 3 mos now!

Yeah - I hate the coax too. But for now, I think I'll just let it be.  If we ever build another house, I'd do it totally differently.


As for the TV service - still goodSmiley Happy  I think we have a winner! 


Still amazed at what the issue ultimately was.  As for ATT, they ultimately fixed it - but they sure didn't diagnose it.  I guess intermittent problems are really hard - but I think they should have done more to troubleshoot. 


Again - thanks SomeJoe7777 and aviewer.  Hopefully this thread will helpful someone else with similar issues. 

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