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Favorites / Multiview

My Multiview

My Multivew is an application that gives you the ability to scroll through on a single TV screen, and view a listing of your favorite channels with the corresponding picture in picture (PIP) views. You may select a specific channel to view or record from the Favorites Multiview interface channel.

The Favorites Multiview application is available via the menu, its is not a channel.

To launch and navigate My Multiview

1. Using the U-verse remote control Press Menu and scroll to My Multiview
2. Press Ok to launch Multiview

3. If...

    • Favorites are already set: Start watching your custom Multiview by scrolling using the up/down arrow keys to view the channels you selected as favorites

    • Favorites are not set: Press Ok to pick your favorites right in the application

Did you know?

  • You may have a total of 55 My Multiview favorites, 18 of which may be in HD.
  • My Multiview is available for U-verse subscribers for no additional charge.
  • By pressing INFO you can remove or add channels.
  • Multiview blocks the HD JPEG Channels
  • You can view up to four of your favorite shows at once.
  • There are a limited number of HD channels not supported for display within My Multiview.
  • You can customize My Multiview for every room in your home by setting it up on each receiver
  • The channels available to view within the Multiview service are according to the AT&T U-verse TV package subscribed.
  • If you select an HD channel that is not available to be added in My Multiview favorites, a message will appear indicating it is not available however by pressing EXIT you can continue to watch the HD channel in full screen
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Re: Favorites / Multiview

I created My Favorites on my primary TV, but I can not see the list on my other TVs.  Should I be able to see My Favorites on any TV?  I have Uverse.

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Re: Favorites / Multiview

The favorite lists are specific to the receiver on which they are programmed, so if you want the same favorites lists on each of your receivers, you'll have to repeat the set up process on each one.


On the flip side, each different receiver can have a different favorites list. 


You may also find using the Hide Channel function more useful (but it is still receiver specific).



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Re: Favorites / Multiview

Yes you should be able to use the same favorites list across all of your TVs rather than having to recreate the lists on each receiver. However that is apparently not a capability AT&T chose to include. Most households with multiple TVs consider that more than a little shortsighted of them. 

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Re: Favorites / Multiview

Shortsighted is a polite way of putting it. I admire your restaint.

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My MultiView doesn't work.

can't add channels to My MultiView> Neither sports  or regular.

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Re: My MultiView doesn't work.

Hi @Schvarak,


Reset the receiver. This should restore function. 



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Re: My MultiView doesn't work.

Sorry bout that! I guess  I didn't understand what it should look like.  It's  disappointing you can't control which 4 of the channels  in the selected favorites list you're using. Guess I'm too used to the directv way of doing things.

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