Control DVR online


Control DVR online

So really like the online way to setup recordings and manage the DVR.  It seems I have no problems scheduling recordings and what not, however the other day I tried deleting some of my already recorded shows.  They disappeared from my online view, but when I went home they were still there.  I checked online again and they were still showing as recorded shows.  I tried again and it did not work.  I eventually deleted them manually via the normal way.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is this something I'm supposed to be able to do?  If it's not, why does the option exist online?  It's not a huge deal, just curious.

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Re: Control DVR online

There is a bug in the online DVR web management application that causes this issue if you attempt to delete more than one recording at a time.

It works if you delete a single recording, wait for the DVR to complete that task, and then go delete a 2nd recording.

AT&T is aware of this bug, but has not fixed it.
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Re: Control DVR online

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If you see this problem occurring with single deletions, reboot your DVR.  As SomeJoe mentioned, there is a bug in the WRA if you attempt to delete multiple programs at the same time.

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Re: Control DVR online

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