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Conflicts and "First Run" vs. "Repeats"


Conflicts and "First Run" vs. "Repeats"

I am having issues recording shows that are shown many times during the week, as many cable channels do.  I want to record the new episodes of these shows.  When I have my settings for "First Run" and there is a conflict with the first airing, my show never gets recorded.  If I say "repeats", it wants to record every airing of this episode plus all reruns.  I've had several DVR's and never one that couldn't handle this situation.


Please tell me there's a way to set it to get a later showing of a first run episode without all the other stuff!

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Re: Conflicts and "First Run" vs. "Repeats"

I would just like to say essentially the same thing from a different perspective -

There is no automatic conflict resolution or notification.

Yes, the conflict is identified in the scheduled list. But, if you do not look at the scheduled list, you will not know. Auto notification would be a message when you turn on the STB & send an e-mail in case the TV is not on.

Yes, the recordings will take place as specified in message 14 above. But, it has nothing to do with conflicts. It will always record those episodes. Sometimes they will duplicate a previous recording. Only if the previous recording did not take place will they be the only viewing opportunity.

My perspective is that I do not have tools to guarantee not missing an episode, so I have to decide, do I want too many or too few. Since, I have not had any cases where there were just too many to handle I schedule to get as many as possible to minimize chances of missing one.

Also, I look at the scheduled list and my favorites guide.

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