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Channel Shortcuts Question


Channel Shortcuts Question

In an attempt to try and keep the Channel Guide as unclettered as possible I have hidden all SD channels for which I have a working HD channel.  Only problem is now all the Channel Shortcuts are mostly empty.  Is there any way to get the shortcuts to include the HD channels?


Also, the supplied shortcuts are inadequate (for instance there is no shortcut for movie channels), is there any way to customize the existing shortcuts or to define new ones?


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Re: Channel Shortcuts Question

Michael.B - You raise a couple of good issues - Shortcuts is too complicated and features should not impact each other.

You say there is no movie shortcut. I think it is in the top row horizontal selection. Why is it hidden there instead of on the standard vertical list?

To me, it should be easy to access a shortcut. Not navigate a complex menu. So, it needs to be selected and assigned to a single button as a setup step. Then selected by a single button (or maybe two is ok) to actually use.

Many people like the hide channel feature. Its main positives are single button guide and able to scan through the selected set of channels. But, it has many negatives, you have exposed another one - Hiding removes a channel from other filters -Maybe that is what most people want.

Maybe Hide is not for you. It is too effective. What you need is favorites. Then you can continue to use the other filters. The disadvantage to favorites is it takes three awkward button presses to display the guide (enter, down arrow, ok), Advantages include easier to build and other guides are always available (e.,g during free sample periods).

The choices available may be inadequate/deficient, but one is better for you than the other. As the saying goes - pick your poison.
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Re: Channel Shortcuts Question

Don't get me wrong.  I love the hide channel feature, I think it is great.  (it could be improved by adding a few features when defining which channels are hidden, like uncheck all non-subscribed channels).


Ok, now that you pointed out the items at the top, I noticed there is an HD listing up there.  Not ideal but I can live with that.  Maybe a global setting for channel shortcuts that would allow setting the starting/default entry to either SD or HD.


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