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Another Uverse pixelating issue


Another Uverse pixelating issue

Not sure why but I cannot get the Coax/HPNA information to show up in the UV Realtime program. A little help would be appreciated.


The other thing, as much as I have played around with this I am at a loss as to how to post a screenshot. Do I have to post via a site like photobucket?





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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue

I thought I had uploaded the HPNA screenshot going to upload again along with the refreshed Error Table.


On another note back to Texasguy37's comment on the 32/5 line rate. They could not upgrade us to that stating not enough bandwidth.




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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue

You have enough bandwidth to be on the 32/5 line profile. Send a PM to Alex who is an AT&T Community Manager on this forum.


Also, check the settings on your account to make sure that you will receive email notification when a PM is received on this forum.

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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue

Oh, yeah, much better PHY rate.  Much better error stats.  If your problems go away, then we can just forget any thing that I think I see in the Bitloading graph.


As TG said, anything over 40Mbps is good enough for 32/5, and you've got 49.  However, they may trying to hold your profile speed down to hide line issues that shouldn't be there.  Talk to Alex,


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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue

THanks to both of you about bringing the PHY Rate issue up with Alex.



I have been going through the UVT documentation to learm more about what the UVT program can tell me about our systems performance etc. And I have come up with yet another question. On the Usage tab I looked at the different connection methods to get accurate readings and the way our system is connected does not match those illustrated.


The DVR and STB (2) all connect to the RG via coax cables. One computer connects directly to the RG via ethernet cable. Another computer connects to on of the STB via ethernet cable. Would the UVT show an accurate usage with this set up?


Also I selected each of the Router Interface Used for Internet options. Ethernet1 shows 9.5GB download and 4.4GB upload. Ethernet2 shows 306MB upload and 0.0 download. Ethernet3 and 4 are 0.0 and 0.0. Wireless, really surprised me since we are not using any wireless devices, 4.2GB for both download and upload. Coax, 41.5GB download and 4.4GB upload. (30day)


Can I safely assume that with one computer connecting via ethernet cable directly into the RG and the other connecting via an ethernet cable into a STB that is what Ethernet 1 and 2 are reflecting? On the Wireless numbers there was activety as recently as 3 days ago.


On the Channels/Streams tab, should'nt all devices be shown even if they are Off? At the moment it shows the DVR as off and one STB as off. However the one STB that is actually on and live TV being watched does not show up. Another however, that STB shows up on the Stream Analyzer tab.



As always, thanks in advance.

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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue

For the usage meter, having a computer plugged into the Ethernet port of an STB is not a supported configuration. That computer will have to become wireless or have an Ethernet cable that is run back to the RG.

If you are not using wireless on your RG, you can turn it off in the RG's web management pages. This will prevent it from accumulating any data. (Although that data doesn't matter, because once your network is architected properly for the usage meter, wireless won't matter).

The correct network setup for you would be case 1, shown on page 24 of the documentation. You need a 3rd-party Ethernet switch, and you need both computers plugged into that switch. You would then select "Ethernet 3" on the Usage tab.

For the STB that is not showing up in the Channels/Streams tab, do the following:

1. Reboot the RG
2. Reboot the DVR
3. Reboot each STB

If it still doesn't show up, give it some time, I have seen this behavior on occasion with coax-connected STBs. If it still never shows up, you may have to move that STB onto Ethernet.
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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue-LAST DITCH EFFORT

So I have had pixelating Issues since the begining of last year 2013. I am on Fiber optic, repalced all boxes wired and RG, then moved to wireless Boxes and replaced those and RG, then had outside the house issues checked and none. Still have pixealting especailly when sometime on TV is popular NCAA tourney, Packers game Smiley Happy or NFL sunday.


I have had about 10 diferent service techs work on my system all walking away promising that its fixed.


I have communicated with AT&T socail Care all along and I am now strongly considering switching providers.


IF I cant get help within the next week, I'm out.



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Re: Another Uverse pixelating issue-LAST DITCH EFFORT

How are your STB/DVR connected to the wall?  Are they coax or ethernet cable. If they are coax, make sure they are all one turn past hand tight. Starting with the RG to the wall, then the wall to the STB/DVR.

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