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Adding TV to Room


Adding TV to Room

we want to put our TV back into the room where the gateway is located.  we have the coax cable from the wall outlet to the gateway.  we have a coax cable from the receiver to the TV.  how do we connect the gateway to the receiver?  do we use an ethernet cable?  if so, what ports do we use?  only one on the receiver, so thats a no brainer.  on the gateway, there are 4 ports labeled "Ethernet" and one lableled "Broadband".  I've tried the Broadband port to the receiver and no luck.  I tried the first Ethernet port to the receiver as well....still no signal.


any suggestions?  we tried u-verse support, chatted with a rep, but they suggested a splitter.  with that in place, NOTHING in the house TV or internet connection.

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Re: Adding TV to Room

Use an Ethernet cable attached to one of the 4 Ethernet ports of the gateway.  


Also, make sure that the receiver is also connected to the TV, and the appropriate input is selected on the TV to see the U-verse receiver.

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Re: Adding TV to Room

thanks.......I have the "gear" showing on the screen and now the task bar is working.  before, when the "help rep" told me to use a splitter, I got the gear but the task bar was doing nothing.


I think I'm on my way to watching TV in our Hobby Room once again!  THANKS!!!

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