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ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD


ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

I am trying to figure out how to set my remote(Model s30-s1a) to control my DVD player and TV.  The tech left the volume control TV on it set but I can't figure out how to set up my DVD and I can't figure out how to reach TV menu using this remote.  The setup guide that he left doesn't help answer these questions.  Please help

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Re: ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

Just to clarify, my ATT&T remote doesn't have visible TV, DVD and AUX buttons.  It does have a yellow triangle(A), green square(B) and red circle(C) at the bottom but guide doesn't mention what these are for.

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‎01-09-2016 6:19 PM

Re: ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

@rogerm428 - You have a newer remote that does not suppoort DVDs. You can look for an older model, with the buttons, on e-bay or at a thrift store. But, having the button does not guarrantee support. Probably one reason att gave it up.


Consdier this remote - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=RCRP05BR


or a Logitech Harmony model 650.

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Re: ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

Thanks for your help!  That kinda sucks but I understand.  Four questions. 


1. and 2. Do you know how I can get to my TV menu using this new remote?  Is it possible?


3. Luckily I kept my older ATT&T remote.  Would you happen to know how to get it to sync with my current cable box?


4. Can I use my Samsung universal remote to control my cable box?  It's rather new.


Thanks for your links.  I'll likely go with one of those remotes if these options don't work

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Re: ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

@rogerm428 - Good questions-


1&2) I have to say no. The only TV specific access is the TV/video button. First it has to work for your TV (unlikely) second it has to bring up the input menu & then navigate through it by multiple presses & third the TV has to change to the last selection when you stop pressing, & it is intended for the input menu, not the main menu.


3) Having an old remote is another source - By default it will always support the u-verse STB. You need to program it for the TV & DVD(if you are lucky). It should give you control of TV sound & include the TV in the power list automatically when you have the right code for the TV.


4) the samsung remote may (or may not) be able to support the U-verse STB. You need to get the code from samsung. You can look in the Samsung manual or contact them. Try any of the u-vers boxes or just u-verse. There is only one IR for all of them.


Find u-verse remote instructions here - http://www.att.com/esupport/u-verse/remotes/



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Re: ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

Thanks for your help.  You saved me a lot of research time.


Just to update you...I was able to use my older remote to control my new ATT&T box with no configuration for the STB, like you said.  I was able to program my TV and DVD, as well.  I didn't even attempt to figure out the Samsung STB codes.


I will now set my new ATT&T remote alongside my Samsung TV and DVD remotes and let them collect dust.  I'll grab me a nice universal remote control someday.


Thanks again.

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Re: ATT&T Uverse remote setup for DVD

@rogerm428 - Good to hear of your success. Thanks for closing the loop.


I believe the only loose end wwould be adding the DVD to the power list. If you want it turned on with the power button - att/ok-977-att-tv-dvd-enter


Of course, you may not use it all the time & be happy with pressing DVD then power.


How about the TV input? At least you have more possibilities after pressing the TV button try tv/video & menu & navigation should work.


If it does not work, you can try other codes fro your TV. Different codes may have more robust support.

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