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Root Sports Network: Utah Jazz Games being "blacked out"


Root Sports Network: Utah Jazz Games being "blacked out"

I live in the Salt Lake City area, and for the past 2 to 3 weeks, have experienced blackout of the Root Sports Network broadcast of several Utah Jazz games.  We've watched these games via Root Sports Network (channel 684 and 684-1) for years, and never had a problem.  Now, we never know whether we're going to be able to see the games on TV because they are randomly being blacked out.  My neighbor next door is experiencing the exact same thing.

We've both made numerous calls to DirecTV, but to make a long story short, "no joy".  I've been able to get my issue escalated to a supervisor within DirecTV, and he indicated that he and several other DirecTV agents on the floor had also received calls about this problem, and that it has been "turned over to the engineering department", and that there is nothing more that they can do, as it is now in the engineering group's hands.  The good news, I guess, is that there are a number of people calling DirecTV to complain about the issue.  The bad news is that it appears that's all we can do is complain.

If there is a member of the engineering group reviewing this forum who would be so kind as to follow up on the issue and provide me/us with an update as to what effort is being put in to resolve this issue, and what the resolution status is, it would be very much appreciated.  I was told by the customer service supervisor from DirecTV that sporting issues have top priority in getting resolution.

I was given a DirecTV reference # for the issue tonight, and it is:   121676519532.

One final piece of information . . .   my father-in-law, who lives about 5 blocks away from me, has Comcast TV, and the Root Sports Channel on Comcast is not experiencing this issue.  They are receiving all Utah Jazz Basketball game broadcasts.

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Re: Root Sports Network:  Utah Jazz Games being "blacked out"

Depends on where you live.  DirecTV does not control the Black out rules.  Root Sports does, due to NCAA regulations.

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Re: Root Sports Network:  Utah Jazz Games being "blacked out"

I understand that location is key to the black out rules, but those living in my area (within 5 blocks) who subscribe to Root Sports via Comcast are not experiencing this problem.  Only DirecTV subscribers.  I also spoke to the person in Denver with Root Sports who deals directly with the Jazz's broadcast organization, and they (Root Sports) confirmed that do not black out any Utah Jazz games in this area.

Additionally, as I mentioned in the original post, we've been watching these games on Root Sports for years, and never experienced this issue until about 2 weeks ago.

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Re: Root Sports Network:  Utah Jazz Games being "blacked out"

Here you go for Rocky Mountain Black Out schedule.  Also this little tid-bit, explains why:

"How can I get Colorado Rockies and Utah Jazz live game broadcasts outside of ROOT SPORTS broadcast territory?

If you are outside of the team's regional television territory, Rockies and/or Jazz games may be blacked out onROOT SPORTS. ROOT SPORTS only has rights to distribute games within the home television territory for each team.  Team territories are dictated by the leagues, not by regional sports networks. Some television providers offer out-of-market packages that will allow you to watch games outside of a team's home territory: the MLB Extra Innings package and the NBA League Pass package.  Please note some games may still be subject to blackouts.  For more information, contact your television service provider."  HD Channel Line-ups.

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