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Problems watching DirecTv online - Please HELP!


Problems watching DirecTv online - Please HELP!

Up until a month ago I have been able to watch DirecTv streaming through my computer.  At this point, I continue to receive the "Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player." message.  I've tried to restart the video player multiple times but still no luck.  Please help with this situation!


Thank you! 

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‎12-03-2018 1:57 PM

Re: Problems watching DirecTv online - Please HELP!

Hi, @amydelarosa.

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the DIRECTV Video Player yet?

We also recommend that you clear your browser cache and cookies as well as ensure that Adope Flash is running in your browser, or try a different browser.

We hope this helps.

John, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Problems watching DirecTv online - Please HELP!

john it doesn't  work, your support team made me go thru the whole pony show, of installing and reinstalling the player.  it must be a programming issue with your system as 2 months ago i was able to watch tv on my laptop.  AT&T needs to fix this issue asap.  I am asking for all that have this problem to file a complaint with the FCC online, is easy and fast, and they will open an investigation, they will ensure At&T takes action to fix this. if after seeing hundreds and thousands of people calling and complaining about not being able to stream on their laptops and the problem still exists is that At&t doesn't care.   I am appalled and after being a customer of AT&T for over 25 years, i am very, very disappointed at their handling of this issue.'t 

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Re: Problems watching DirecTv online - Please HELP!

Stop wasting your time trying to get support from them.  They won't (can't) fix it.  They just won't tell you that.  In reality, the issue is with Adobe Flash -- rather a waning support for it due to numerous security issues.  All browsers are starting to turn off flash by default, and even when turned on, there is limited support.  Directv does NOT want to spend the money to rewrite there app because they have a contract with Cisco to provide verification to protect the video content and I imagine changing the code or switching to HTML 5 would cause problems in that area...


Consider this, there would be no need for Directv NOW if doing it this way worked... 


If you're a cord cutter, then just switch or go with Netflix, Hulu, YouTubeTV, or a number of others that are available.  Mind you, they have a solution for that too!  Due to the end of Net Neutrality, there are UNNECESSARY caps placed on your mobile service to dissuade you from switching to a competitor...


Good luck getting AT&T to tell you the truth.  I don't personally see it happening... 

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Re: Problems watching DirecTv online - Please HELP!

I actually talked to someone about this and i feel they gave me the honest answer....We know there is an issue and i cant say it will be fixed anytime soon...it maybe months before its up and running again...So there you go...

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