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Pass through authentication and streaming to browser


Pass through authentication and streaming to browser

Approx 11 weeks ago, I linked my AT&T and DirecTV accounts to take advantage of the $10 monthly discount (I'm retired and hey, we seniors need to squeeze them pennies!) - and the troubles began.

Once the accounts shared the same logon credentials I have been unable to logon to/access any of the content / settings / secure portions of the DirecTV site.


If I start at DirecTV and enter my creds (userID/password) it recognizes they are for an AT&T account and displays the message

"We noticed you tried to sign in with your AT&T Access ID and password" - and refers me to att.com to login

I logon at att.com, select 'My DIRECTV', then click on 'Start watching now' link, which redirects me to directv.com which in turn again displays the above initial message.


If I press F12 in the browser for the dev tools, I can see the att.com page redirect to a page with 'passthrough' as part of the name, then to 'directv auth' where ostensibly the pass through auth fails.


Over these past 11 weeks, I have contacted DirecTV support 7 times as of today. Most via chat as it is less stressful than on the phone. Sorry guys, your tier 1 support leaves a LOT to be desired.

I have received escalation IDs, promises of a call back by supervisors - none of which has amounted to a hill of proverbial legumes.

Today I tried to dig my heels in - staying on the phone for 2hrs 16 minutes through 7 - count them SEVEN transfers. I received varying and conflicting information along the way. 

One individual stated that this was a known issue and one for which they did not have an estimated resolution. When I asked if I could un-merge (split) my accounts, I was referred to the 'combined billing dept', which was the most frustrating of the 7. After explaining once again the issue (cannot they read the information that others are supposedly entering into my record?) - I was told that he had de-linked my accounts and I would get separate bills in one or two billing cycles (months). When I asked if that meant I had to wait until that time to try and create a separate DirecTV logon, he replied that No, I could do that now.  So, I asked him to hold while I attempted to do just that (seemed only fair since they continually had me hold and transferred me around).

Obviously, it did not work and when I told him that the account logons were still merged, he... yep, put me on hold. Next I know I hear a ring and yep, transferred yet again - no warning.

The phone rang for 5 minutes no answer, Back to music on hold (Nope, I am NOT giving up) - back to ringing a second time, this time for 4 minutes 15 seconds (yep, I have timer/counter running).

As I said this went on for 2hrs and 16 minutes, through 7 transfers. I was invested in this call and was not going quietly in that dark, deep support transfer heck (I originally used the more common word but received the following when trying to post 'You used a bad word, he**, in the body of your post. Please clean up the body before posting.'. Seriously...


The last individual gave me (another) escalation number and said he would call me back to make sure someone followed up (color me dubious).

"How long should that take?", I inquired.

"Should not be long." he replied....

"...not long as in... 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, I'm a senior citizen, my time on this earth is decreasing with each passing day." , I advised him.

"I don't know exactly, but it should not be long.".... 


Reminds me of the VA... delay, deny, hope that you die.


If I had another option for TV service, believe me I would have taken it long ago... who would guess that I would wish that UVerse (uggh, still ATT) or Comcast had service in my area.

Maybe the US Justice Department should force AT&T to divest themselves of DirecTV...at least that would force them (ostensibly) to get rid of linked accounts since their developers appear incapable of figuring out pass through auth.

(for the record - I worked in software development for over 20 years and have integrated pass through auth - it ain't that hard)


Well DirecTV, I'm retired, I've got time - and I have your support number on speed dial.




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Re: Pass through authentication and streaming to browser

Hi there @topry,

I am following up with you to let you know I have responded to your first post, you can view my response here. I will also be sending a private message to your Forum’s Inbox to help address both of your concerns.

Thank you again!

Denise, AT&T Community Specialist    

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Re: Pass through authentication and streaming to browser

Thank you for your reply- I have responded to your private message and look forward to seeing if you can help resolve this.

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Re: Pass through authentication and streaming to browser

Were you ever able to resolve this?  I have been having the same problem for months, with similar experiences with customer support.

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Re: Pass through authentication and streaming to browser

ATT finally resolved the pass-thru authentication issue so I can login and
access the DirecTV website, but streaming video to a browser still does not
work. On iPad or iPhone, using their iOS app, it works fine - just not to a
web browser. Very frustrating.
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