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Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.


Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

We currently own the HR20. It started to have problems with disc errors and freezing of picture and none of the remote controls would work, we decided to purchase the HR24.  We placed the order on-line.  You do not get a tracking number to find our any delivery information.  The unit arrived today and it was a refurbished model which is almost 3 years old.  Apparently the telephone order people and the on-line order people really do not work for the same company.  The telephone number for help, cannot find your order or anything else.  I cannot believe when you spend $200+ they cannot send you a new unit.  Directv cannot even send an email with return postage.  They have to send it snail mail and then the unit has to be returned.  I just hope all this happens within their 30 days.  Not very happy with a company where we have been a customer since 1998.  I think they have gotten too big and really don't care for their customer.

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

I assume that all HR24s in the DTV system are refurbished this is how DTV works.

Most people prefer the snail mailing the receiver back as there are more post offices then UPS pickup points.

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

Yep, that's how they work things.  After all, those returned/refurbished units have to go somewhere.  Seriously, though, the HR24 is the newest regular HD DVR model.  You were lucky to get that model because they won't guarantee a specific model.  You need to order from an authorized dealer if you want a brand new specific model.   Chances are very good that your HR24 will perform just fine.

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

Not sure why you decided to "purchase" a new HDDVR when DirecTV could have replaced the receiver free of charge.  you just had to pay S&H if you did not have protection plan

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

I would have to agree!

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

Too bad you didn't stop by here before you placed your order.  You'd have found out the Directv considers all the HD DVR's as leased and as such carry a permanent warranty.  As previously posted, DTV replaces faulty boxes free if you have the protection plan or $20 to cover S&H if not.  You'd have also learned that the folks that take the orders do not have the ability to specify a model, and the folks in shipping simply send the next one in the stack.

In order to get a new DVR of a specific model, you need to order it from a retailer like but know this, even ordering from a retailer and paying $200, the DVR is still leased.

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

The part I don't understand about the person that started this,  is they owned an HR20,  which in reality U never own anything from DIRECTV,  but if the HR20 quit,  why didn't they just let DTV replace with another old unit as they always do.

Who did they give the $200 to for the supposedly new HR24?  The whole thing seems out of whack to me.

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Re: Ordered replacement for HR20, received refurbished DVR.

You can purchase an HDDVR from DirecTV if you really want to. It is $499 plus S/H and State tax. To add an additional leased hddvr to an account is $199. It sounds like that is what they are referring too. It may also be able to purchase them from eBay, but buyer be warned on that. More than likely they either called DirecTV or they called whatever third party they might have been setup with.

They may not have bothered to call up to do the trouble shooting and get themselves the ERP receiver, that is the usually case. Maybe they didn't know as well. What they probably asked for was a new receiver, so that is what they got.

Receivers do tend to be replaced like model for like model, however if that receiver is not available, or the model of the receiver is older, sometimes they will just replace it with a newer model. Rarely do you see them replaced with lower model numbers.

And almost all receivers are refurbs, especially older models. It is still possible to get a new one, but it happens only once in a blue moon. That is, except for newer receivers, Like HR24, H24, and the HR44 with clients.

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