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I an currently a cable subscriber, but am considering switching to Direct TV. How does DTV On Demand feature compare to cables?

My set-up would have to be wireless. Will I need a CCK for each C31 client, or will one CCK with the HR34 allow me to use the

On Demand feature with the C31?

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Re: On Demand

One CCK is all you need.  Never have Comcrap, so I can't compare.

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Re: On Demand

Let the installer run a coax cable to your router and have a hard wired Internet connection, you'll be glad you did.

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Re: On Demand

Its not possible to run any new cables. House is totally finished, except small utility room. Is the wireless connection

that unstable? I  have 15/1 high speed internet.

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Re: On Demand

Yes, wireless is simply not possible with the Genie Clients.  Installers are very creative about running cables.  They'll even fish them inside walls for nominal extra charge.  

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Re: On Demand

Direct TV On-Demand, in my opinion, is a terrible sad disappointment compared to Comcast.  I have been with them for 1 month and have called them several, SEVERAL times trying to get it to work and still, I have not been able to access it.  I have AT&T DSL and I have called them several times as well.  One always says to call the other one and tell them one thing, and then the other tells me to do call the other, and blah blah blah.   I have almost given up.  If I had known what a total pain this was going to be, I would have just watched Netflix.....

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Re: On Demand

Several of us are trying to help you get connected in your own thread.  You don't do anyone a favor by dissing a system that you have never experienced.

To the original poster.  Cable has the advantage that it's connection to your TV feeds directly to their servers whereas Directv has to rely on your home network and Internet service provider.  In spite of that I have a HR34 Genie connected by hard wire to my Linksys Router which is in turn connected to my Comcast Internet.  I record a lot of On Demand and my setup is very reliable and fast.  I recently watched the Sopranos and Deadwood series front to back and am currently working on Rome.  All of the episodes came via Directv On Demand.

Those that say "can't run a wire" make a big mistake in my opinion.

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Re: On Demand

Agree even a yr later.

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