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On Demand says can't connect to DIRECTV


On Demand says can't connect to DIRECTV

We signed up for the ATT/DirecTV package with whole home DVR in Sept of 2013.  Up until last week, we were able to access the On Demand service.  It keeps coming up with a message that says "There was a problem connecting to DIRECTV.  Please try later."  We called DIRECTV to resolve the issue and they said they are aware of the issue and it's a problem with the AT&T router and told us to call call AT&T and connect to their DIRECTV side.  We did this and they also told us they are aware of the problem with the AT&T NVG510 router.  I told them it's worked till now so why suddenly does it not work?  The response was that the router is set to "DHCPIP Lease Time" and it should be changed to "24 Hours".  Did it just magically change on its own?  Anyway, they told me I had to call AT&T and get them to send out a technician to fix it.  Now, after AT&T has missed 2 scheduled calls, I am really getting agitated.  Is there anyway to fix this problem myself?

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Re: On Demand says can't connect to DIRECTV

You have to have a computer hardwired to the router

Then use the login instructions on the bottom of the router.

If you call att have their tech dept

Walk you through it step by step

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