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I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.


I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.

WE ordered the movie and was expecting a full screen movie but what we got was a letterbox edition of the movie.  Called support and she tried everything, nothing worked.  She gave me a refund, and was very nice about it.  Its a sure bet that I will not order another 3d PPV movie again without Directv clearly stating that it will be a letterbox or full screen edition.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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Re: I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.

Well, that might it been the Original Aspect Ratio OAR.  that is how the director wants you to see the movie

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Re: I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.

That's exactly it. The original movie was in a wider aspect ration than the TV screen. Either top and bottom bars have to be added or the sides have to be cut off. I would rather see the original picture but some think it more important to fill the screen. It's a big enough issue that some DVDs offer a choice of format. DirecTV would have to basically make two movies available for all titles to meet both preferences.

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Re: I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.

I d/L OZ on bittorrent.  it's fantastic.  3D and all.  And for FREE!

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Re: I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.

I have a Redbox right across the street so i rented the movie on Blu-Ray 1st   it's $1.20 !, to see if it is worth spending $6.99 for and OZ was not !... and it let me know that is was letterbox , ugh ! i hate that !... It was total eye candy and i am sure it would look awsome in 3D but he story and the acting was horrible , i am going to get Jack the Giant Slayer next... it got much better reviews and should be more worthy of spending the big bucks on LOL

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