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I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer


I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer

I just got DTV yesterday, I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer, but I can on my iPhone. I am in my home network. using chrome I get to the watch live box & nothing happens when I click on the button. In MS edge it had me download flash, and says to install directv player. Downloaded & installed it. I again click on watch live and it says to download & install the player. I have cleared the cach & removed cookies. ??????? I did get it to work with IE, but can't access my DVR.. Experienced the SAME B...S... 3 years ago when I had DTV before. <FIX IT PERIOD> STOP ASKING WHAT BROWSER PEOPLE HAVE!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS ADVERTISED TO WORK WITH ANY BROWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Why not ask how Time Warner/Spectrum does it. I was even getting LOCAL Channels & On The Roku For FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer

What a JOKE Direct TV is. NOT only are Local stations are not available when you're away from home and not logged into your home internet YOU cant EVEN watch NFL.com WHILE on your local network at HOME.


Imagine that. I cant watch NFL.com at home ON my wireless network at the pool!


Direct TV is Bull. I cant wait to switch..



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Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer

Doesn't matter, doesn't work.

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Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer

That's it?  You filed a complaint with the FCC that you could not watch directv on your computer and it got fixed?  By whom?  How?

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Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer

I did get several calls from ATT after the FCC complaint but they came at inconvenient times and I never called back. 

I also found a work-around. If I use a USB wifi device, I can watch from the DTV website. Even after removing the USB wifi device, I can still connect & watch using my laptop's built in wifi device. I think the issue is the way the s/w handles, or more accurately doesn't handle, multiple network adapters. My laptop has wired ethernet, wifi, and s/w VPN & VMWare workstation adapters. I don't think the Cisco s/w handles it well. For some reason, the USB wifi adapter seems to become the default adapter to Cisco. I think it might work if all other network adapters except the one you want to use are set as disabled. 

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Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer

Trying to watch DTV on my computer and it still doesn't work, two years later... They kept telling me it was going to be fixed. Never has and never will I'm guessing. Google Chrome and Safari are both moving away from Flash Player since Adobe is discontinuing it in 2020 anyways. Even though I have my settings on "ask permission before enabling", since that's the only option now, it doesn't request permission like other websites, so the request never comes up. This is clearly an issue on Directv's end.


Directv, when will you redo your platform? I am leaving you as a customer and filing documentation with the FCC for not providing the service I've been paying extra for. Everyone else should be doing the same.


If anyone from Directv/ATT would actually care to reach out, fix this and pay me back for the services not provided, that would be great.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer



You don't pay extra to watch on your computer. That is just a feature they include with the services, not some additional charge.


Did you try Internet Explorer? Always worked for me.

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Re: Re: I cannot watch DirecTV on my computer


You're not sorry! 


If you were sorry, you would have had someone fixing this ONGOING ISSUE months ago! 


Thank You ATT for screwing up a good company!


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