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How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK


How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

CCK came with my DVR set-up.

I never use it, but it is drawing on my wi-fi, which is shared with other devices.

I tried disconnecting the CCK from it's back, but then I lost all internet, so

I re-connected it.

How do I dis-connect it from DirectV completely?

I also read my Netgear info about disabling a device by

entering a MAC # and disabling it... which I'm nervous to play around with.

I'd rather disconnect at the source.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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Accepted by Anonymous
Accepted by Anonymous
‎12-12-2013 3:17 PM

Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

Unplug it from electricity problem solved

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Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

The CCK should have two coax connected to the back.  Disconnect those two coax and join them together using a coupler.  Then disconnect the AC power to the CCK and viola, no more CCK.  Note that the CCK provides connection of the HR24 to the Internet and it enables many slick features so you might consider if you really want to disconnect it?

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Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

Thank you dtvuser, but I did that and lost the internet altogether.

dcd: I only have 1 coax off the CCK and the power cord.

The coax goes to a coupler with 4 coax's attached.

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Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

Unplugging the power or removing the

Ethernet cable out of the cck should

Not make you lose internet to non directv devices.That makes no sense

To me

Remove the ethernet cable that goes

From your cck to your router then it is completly removed from all other internet devices.

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Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

It makes no sense to me either.

However, when I reset my DSL box, I got it back.

It's a wireless connection to a Netgear router.

The CCK has a power connection

and a coax connection to a 4-way splitter

that has other coax's going to:

1. Sattelite

2. DVR

3. TV

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Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

Well, I unplugged the CCK from the power strip and voila.... it's off, and

I still have internet and all other functions.

thank you for your help...


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Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

I need to know how to hook it back up

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ACE - Expert

Re: How to disconnect wi-fi to CCK

Hook what back up?  Probably best to start your own new thread and give us more details about what you're trying to do.

ACEs are customers too, NOT employees. Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

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