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How long will it take for us to have our local CBS TV channels back?


How long will it take for us to have our local CBS TV channels back?

How long will it take for us to have our local CBS TV channels back? It has been much too long without them.

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Billing changes

How much will my bill be lowered, since I cannot access CBS?

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Re: Aaack! I hate Direct TV!

*****.  I'm on Direct tv's  side.  Those bozos on CBS are showing paid programming bull and I'm paying for it.  I hope Direct tv puts the screws to them.  If I want to pick up CBS I'll just buy an antenna.  


[Please keep it courteous]

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What is happening with cbs channel 2?  I have uverse but no channel 2 . What's wrong???

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No, I'm not okay overpaying for anything. Which means I need to be paying less to DirecTV now that CBS is no longer available!! As for paying too much - I wish I could just pay for the specific channels I want, but no, I have to pay for a bundle when I'll never watch 75% of the channels I'm forced to pay for. There needs to be transparency in pricing and more choices. That way if I decide CBS is too expensive I can just cancel CBS, or choose to pay for it if I think it's worth it. Give the consumer the choice.

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Re: Losing Channels CW & CBS

I completely agree and I called to tell them so. Now they are telling me its temporary, maybe a few days I dont believe them . So I now need to know can I leave DirecTV before my 2 year contract is up. Cuz CBS and the CW are my most watched channels

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Re: Aaack! I hate Direct TV!

You can call and complain, got a $15 a month credit. After 16 years with DT I will cancel on 9/19. At this point, even if DT gets the issue resolved, I will cancel as NBC has been off 2+ months and CBS 3 weeks.

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Re: Aaack! I hate Direct TV!

I agree.  I am 3 months into a 2 year contract with DirecTV.  They need to work it out ASAP or expect a tsunami of cancellations.  And any attempt by AT&T to impose early termination fees on customer cancellations should result in FCC sanctions and class action lawsuits.

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CBS Dispute & Local Channel Connector

What has Directv/AT&T decided with regard to these LCC’s & this massive blackout? My parents don’t have a smart tv & don’t want to stream even if they could. Being in the Philly DMA, they just lost the only CBS & CW they have & are upset. They don’t have a separate antenna setup for locals, & wouldn’t want any scenario where all the channels aren’t together. They have an HR 54. Has anyone tried calling in since last night? Since Directv has known this massive blackout was a distinct possibility (reportedly for months now), will I be able to get one for them if they call in? Thanks!

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Seeing that we are now without CBS, and when contracted CBS was available, will there be any reduction in my bill? or would you consider adding a premium channel to offset the inconvenience? until the CBS matter is resolved?

Please advise. 

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No NBC so I can not watch the British Open!  I could not be more disappointed with Direct TV Now.   Not only have I have I been without NBC for the past few weeks, today we have lost CBS!  When will there 2 major networks be restored?

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Is the loss of cbs permanent?  I just got direct tv but if I can’t get my local channel I will cancel.

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Re: Robert Lewis

Don't worry about it.  Screw CBS.  If they're showing garbage paid programming for something I'm paying for this morning, then you can keep them off Direct TV for eternity for all I care.  If I want to watch local CBS I can always just buy an antenna.  

Don't let CBS pressure you.  Screw them.

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We are unhappy that we are no longer getting CBS and want the situation resolved soon. Otherwise, we will be taking our business elsewhere. 

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CBS outage

What monetary compensation will you be providing for cutting off two local stations which you contractually promised to include in my package? Or do I go with WAVE or Dish? 

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Re: Frustrated Viewer - Nexstar Broadcasting

Time to break up the AT&T monopoly again like they did with Ma Bell. They forced me to opt in to CBS All Access because they’re not providing the services promised and paid for! Truly a despicable company. Not a surprise they’re losing hundreds of thousands of customers each quarter. No pleasure to do business with them.

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