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HDMI support


HDMI support

I lost use of HDMI on the Genie DVR earlier this week and have tried to get it to work but not succeeding.  I have a Vizio tv with two HDMI ports and have checked them and they both work. Can someone help me out?

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Re: HDMI support

Call DirecTV for replacement

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Re: HDMI support

While you're waiting for a replacement you could trying using component cables (red-blue-green) for the video and RCA cables (red-white only) for the audio.  There should be no degradation of your picture/sound quality.

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Re: HDMI support

My HR34/700 has a similar issue. It will not show itself for about 45-minutes and then the picture will go black for a few seconds and then come back on for a few minutes and as time goes by it goes to black more frequently until it eventually goes to black for good.

I ruled out the HDMI ports on the Sony TV and ruled out the cable by using a different HDMI cable so the problem is with the Genie.

I have been using the component cables which work fine.

A reply to the original post indicates contact DirecTV so I guess that is the only answer.

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