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HDMI failed on my LG TV


HDMI failed on my LG TV

I probably got hit by lightning and lost the circuit for HDMI on my LG TV.  The tech connected the multiple cord to Component 1 and my TV still works.  Will this affect quality?

My 37LG30 TV would need to have the entire circuit board replaced just to fix the HDMI section.

My options are to replace the TV or to find a used circuit board and install it myself for about $100 (used Ebay board).

Tell me more options.

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Re: HDMI failed on my LG TV

The component cables will provide the full HD resolution that the HDMI will, except for 1080p that is only available on pay per view selections.  You should get full enjoyment from your system using the cables the tech connected.

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Re: HDMI failed on my LG TV

Thanks for the answer. I will continue to use my TV and not have to

replace it.



From my Asus All In One Computer;-)

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