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HBO On Demand 3D Content?


HBO On Demand 3D Content?

I recently switched from Bright House, whose HBO On Demand programming included 3D content...around 4 or 5 movies on a regular rotation. It appears that DIRECTV does not offer any HBO On Demand 3D content (or I can't find it if it exists). Can anyone confirm if that's true?

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Re: HBO On Demand 3D Content?

It's true.

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Re: HBO On Demand 3D Content?

Thanks for confirming. I'm enjoying 3net, but it's a shame that after the demise of n3D, DIRECTV hasn't stepped up its game to allow access to the On Demand 3D movies available to HBO & Starz subscribers elsewhere. The 3D movies available on CINE3D 104 are pretty scant.

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Re: HBO On Demand 3D Content?

I moved and was subscribed to AT&T UVerse.  I had On-Demand HBO/Starz/Showtime etc. and movies were available in 3D. I did a search on DirectTV for this option on those channels. 

Does anyone have any idea if DirectTV will offer this option? 

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Re: HBO On Demand 3D Content?

dont hold your breath over 3D programming...

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Re: HBO On Demand 3D Content?

Like peds48 says...very doubtful. After some consideration, it occurred to me that the free on-demand 3D content from HBO, Starz, etc. that I used to enjoy from Bright House will probably never make it to DirecTV because it would cut into DTV's own potential revenue stream from the PPV 3D movies they offer on channel 104 (CINE3D). So if you want to watch 3D Hollywood movies, expect to pay with DirecTV. For what it's worth, at least channel 104 does seem to offer some of the best recent 3D movie releases.

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