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Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl


Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

First half picture quality (live broadcast) seemed to be jumpy, noticeable on both SD and HD televisions.  Second half seems to be better, so far... anyone else notice this?  In the St. Louis area.

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Re: Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

NYC feed looks good

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Re: Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

Our Feed was good for our affiliate.  No burps or hic-ups, unless you call the Bronco's throwing the game as one.

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Re: Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

Whatever it was seemed to clear up after halftime... Speaking about picture quality that is... As far as the game goes, well that was pretty lame.

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Re: Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

I live in Arnold, MO and had the same issue. Thought something wrong with my setup but good to know its not isolated to just me, it was a directv/broadcasting issue is seems...who cares, I only watched for the commercials.

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Re: Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

They have been upgrading equipment at the uplinks for locals, across the country.  Everything from higher quality for fast speeds Fiber Optic, to Network equipment like Switches, Routers, etc..  With this upgrade, we should see better quality all around, especially with the locals.

Bad thing is, that you may get SD or nothing at all.  That is why I put up a OTA antenna rig, up in my attic for those situations, along with grabbing Sub-Channels in my local market.

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Re: Fox HD Broadcast - SuperBowl

Not sure how much of this was a network or provider issue but I  been hearing alot of different comments regarding this, here in Southern California TWC users who ONLY have the SD feed were cut off for most of the 3rd qtr. I heard, those who have HD receivers just had to tune to the HD channel and that worked fine which im not sure why they werent on that channel to begin with since it has the better picture quality.

I watched on TWC HD and there werent any issues on my end though I turned it off right after the Percy Harvin return TD. Cant comment on how the broadcast was after that point.

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