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Don’t Block My Altitude

Don’t block my Altitude tv channel

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Re: Don’t Block My Altitude

I'm getting close to having had it with everyone on how DIRECTTV keeps dropping channels and/or never picking them up in the first place (i.e. Pac 12 Network).  Well the final straw will be if DIRECTTV drops Altitude Sports and I can't want the Colorado Avalanche.  If that happens I will drop DIRECTTV and find a provider that cares about its customers and what they want to see.

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Altitude TV

Dear Att/DirectTv,

I hear I may lose Altitude sports here in denver.  I can't miss hockey and basketball, if the coverage is lost you will lose a subscriber.

Thank you,

Jon S.

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Re: Don’t Block My Altitude

I notice that these jokers continue to drop the channels they offer but I have yet to see my rates drop.  When you live in a rural area and satellite is your only means of quality programming it would be great if they looked at it as a "service provided" for a fair price, rather than the money grab it is.  Direct TV has an opportunity to rise above this with the Altitude programming and be a stand alone provider and it looks like they will fall in line with the others and prove that its only about the money.   Drop Altitude and you can figure on this customer dropping Direct TV as a service provider.  

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Will drop

Please do not block AltitudeTV. I will drop Directv the second it is blocked. It’s literally the only reason I use Directv. Thank you. 

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Don't block my Altitude

Please don't block the Altitude channel and Avalanche games!! I've been a customer over 10 years and will drop service if this channel is removed.


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I love watching the Avs and Nuggets on DirecTV. If you get rid of Altitude Sports I will get rid of my DirecTV service. Absolutely ridiculous

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Keep Altitude!

One of my reasons for signing up with Directv was being able to watch Altitude TV. Without that, I will cancel my subscription.

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Altitude Sports

Is it true that Altitude Sports may no longer be available for Directv customers?

I am a Directv customer, and if Altitude Sports gets blocked I will cancel my account immediately! 

As a family, we watch that channel a ton. I can stream all the other channels I need to with other services and will no longer feel like Directv has its customer's interest at stake.

Just wanted to send a quick note in case this matters to you. 


Thank you,

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Altitude Network

With the extremely high prices we already pay for DirecTV, we will cancel all of our service with you if you block Altitude Sports Network out of Denver. No exceptions. This is ridiculous that you are even threatening to block a local channel that there is no alternative to. Where else will I be able to watch my local teams play? The only other option would be online and if I'm going to pay to watch them online, I sure wont be paying for DirecTV.  I need a response from you guaranteeing that you wont block Altitude or you can kiss me and my 18+ years of being a loyal customer goodbye!

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Don't Block My Avs/Nuggets/Mammoth!

As a DirecTV customer since 2007, I expect the availability of all regional channels, especially at these monthly prices. It's bad enough that DirecTV doesn't carry PAC-12 network, but if you drop Altitude Sports, I'll discontinue my service.

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DO NOT block altitude sports channels

Requesting you reach agreement with altitude sports so we can continue to watch colorado sporting events at our discretion. Thank you

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Re: Don’t Block My Altitude

I was also be dropping my subscription if Altitude is no longer available.

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Totally agree!! Will look at other options than att and direct TV

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Why would directv be dropping Altitude Sports channel?

I was notified by the Colorado Mammoth Organization that there is a plan for Directv to drop Altitude sports channel as of this Saturday. This channel is one of the reasons that I specifically have stayed with Directv vs. going with an alternative provider. I would be extremely upset to see a channel that I watch regularly to see the local sports teams play go away from what I can currently being provided with my subscription. Given the fact I am currently month to month I would strongly look at other options that will save me money. 

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