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Direct TV and Internet connection


Direct TV and Internet connection

Hello to all, I am new to this forum and I need to ask some questions about Direct TV and their Internet connectivity.

I have not purchased anything yet until I do some research.

I will be living in Ketchikan, Alaska in a very remote area. I will have line of site to a satellite so that won't be n issue.

I need to know if anybody uses the internet satellite and if they have ever used anything like Skype with it.

I currently live in Salem, Oregon so I can play with the setup if I decide to get it.

I used to be a satellite, cable and phone installer so I don't worry about setting it up and getting the angle correct.

Thanks for all responses.


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Re: Direct TV and Internet connection

you might want to ask here

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Re: Direct TV and Internet connection

The major problem we see posted regarding satellite Internet is the restriction some providers put on bandwidth.  If you have a Directv HD system and connect that system to the Internet, it automatically downloads all the data needed to provide On Demand service.  That is a fairly large chunk all alone. Then each movie is 2-4 Gb, so it adds up pretty quick.  Some satellite providers open the restrictions in the wee hours, but it's impossible to time the DVR's to only download during the open hours.

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