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DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

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DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign


The Playlist screen has been completely revamped and will allow for filtering by program type. This will allow users to easily access recordings instead of scrolling through a long list.


The Playlist menus will be displayed in the left panel and their corresponding pages will be displayed in the right panel. Playlist will initially be sorted based on the latest recordings. When the user presses the “0” key, it will be alphabetically sorted (A-Z). The “0” key is used to toggle the playlist display between latest and alphabetical recordings.



The following are the Playlist left menu options.

All Recordings

  • All Recordings will display the entire playlist. 
  • If a title is being recorded, it will have the Recording Progress Indicator icon to indicate the progress of the recording. 
  • If a title has been partially watched, a Green activity bar will be displayed to indicate the watching progress of that title. 
  • The total number of titles and the number of titles un watched will be displayed next to each folder (e.g. 2 Unwatched of 5). 
  • If the user presses Select on any recording, it will start playing immediately. 
  • If the user selects Info, the Info page will be displayed.



Continue Watching

  • A new Continue Watching page will list all the partially watched recordings.
  • The user can easily choose and resume watching any partially watched content.
  • It also includes a Recently Watched On Demand folder containing a list of VOD titles. 






Movies/TV Shows/Sports/Kids Zone

- Recordings will be filtered based on genre such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Kids Zone, it will be displayed under each section respectively.  







  • The Purchases page will list all the PPV titles purchased by the user.
  • It will contain a separate Purchases folder which will list all DIRECTV Buy Movies and TV Shows.






Last Chance

- A new Last Chance page will list all the purchased PPV titles that are set to expire soon. 


- This screen will also list recordings that are too old that can be deleted to free HD space if required. 







Manage Recordings

  • The Manage Recordings screen has been moved to the Playlist and is more precise and user-friendly. 


Disk Space Available

The percent of available of disk space free and available for recording will be displayed on the left panel.


Note: To see additional redesign information return to DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know.


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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

I agree.  I want to go back to the old playlist screen.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

The new update is horrible.  You obviously have personnel with no common sense in charge of updates.  I want a discount on my subscription for all the frustration Directv has caused by making a change that no one asked for and was NOT an improvement.  

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

This new interface is terrible.  Haven't you ever heard the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?


You BROKE IT.  Now FIX IT.  Put it back or give us an option to put it back.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Over the years, the reason I’ve stayed with DirecTV is that I preferred the Guide and List formats over those that Dish and Comcast presented.  Now that distinction is gone.  The latest update is a giant step backward, and since AT&T & DirecTV have chosen to ignore customer complaints, I am going to evaluate the other providers for a better presentation than AT&T and DirecTV now provide.  The issues:  Sorting episodes by Season and Episode rather than recording date; The big blue box is distracting and makes searching for recorded programs cumbersome and difficult; and displaying date and time of the individual recordings.  It is apparent that AT&T / DirecTV don’t care about user preferences. 

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign


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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

I agree I used to be able to sort in alphabetical order. I used to be able to click on other showings & see upcoming episodes to see if I want to record or not.  Now all it shows is current one watching. 


Can an sort alphabetically but reverts right back. 


Cant read guide without eye strain. I dislike the new guide and features. Please go back or do as stated in November you would be making changes to make easier 

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

100% agree.  New menus are much worse than the old menus.   Print is too small and the choice of colors on the guide and "list" menu is too limited (gray or black) and harder to see.   Also, what happened to the "To Do" list; I cannot find it anywhere.  I used to use that quite a bit to see ahead what I will be recording over the next two weeks.   Similarly, the "Series Manager" list has seemingly disappeared (or I cannot find it).  How do you now prioritize series to be recorded?   Also, to delete a series, you now seemingly have to find an upcoming occurrence of that series in the Guide using Search and then click on it, then Series options and delete.   I used to review the "Series Manager" frequently for series that have been cancelled and/or that I no longer which to record.  Overall, I would grade this upgrade as an F.  Not a good start for AT&T.  

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

My wife for years has been trying to get me to get rid of you guys (Direct TV) but up until the new update, I always fought it. My issues with what you all have done are, 1- What happened to the ability to delete multiple programs at one time? So now we have to go one by one? If that's the case that's ridiculous. 2- The look is a grey and hard to read. The old format was bright and vibrant. The guide was easy to read and the playlist was simple, you all downgraded it for sure. It would've been nice to allow us to change the color to our liking but there's no option to change it. Which comes to my next point. 3- Not enough options to personalize our experience. I mean, c'mon, in this day and age, with a company as big you guys, you can't offer us more when it comes to personalization. I can get that with any cheap app or service nowadays. Yes, there are some improvements but the bad out ways the good. GL but now I will definitely consider finding other TV options. Smiley Sad

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Has anyone figured out how to reliably delete a program from the playlist when you are finished watching it? Say I am halfway through and decide I want to delete it. If I go back to the playlist, it doesn't necessarily return to the same program I was viewing.  So it is hard to be sure of which program I was watching and to find it again to delete it.  Only thing I've figured out is to fast forwarding to the end of the program which seems unusually cumbersome. Then there are things like the news. With no dates shown, how do I delete yesterday's and keep today's? Am I missing something obvious?  Can someone give me a step by step direction on doing these things?  Thanks.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

How do I set preferences on my playlist so it doesn’t come up by date but alphabetically when I go into it. Having to change each time is a pain!!!!

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Change back to old way. It was much better and u could see it. At the very least fix this new one to be readable and user friendly like it was before. Please. 

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ACE - Expert

Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

@Kenbridge wrote:

Change back to old way. It was much better and u could see it. At the very least fix this new one to be readable and user friendly like it was before. Please. 

The next software update that just started rolling out has bigger fonts. 



ACEs are customers too, NOT employees. Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

My series aren't in order!  I can't watch a show,  delete and play next because it May not be the next episode!  Someone help please.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Go back to the old Play list design. It was easy to use and no problems. Why fix something that is not broken. The few people commenting on this forum have gone to a lot of trouble to find a place to complain about this change. If you would take a survey of all your customers, you would find just about everyone would not like the new playlist.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Looks like we're only going to get lip-service from AT&T/DirecTV. I
talked with them a month ago & they said a fix was forthcoming within
two weeks. Still nothing. Hard to talk to their "Customer Care" folks
for whom English is a second language.
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