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DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

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DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign


The Playlist screen has been completely revamped and will allow for filtering by program type. This will allow users to easily access recordings instead of scrolling through a long list.


The Playlist menus will be displayed in the left panel and their corresponding pages will be displayed in the right panel. Playlist will initially be sorted based on the latest recordings. When the user presses the “0” key, it will be alphabetically sorted (A-Z). The “0” key is used to toggle the playlist display between latest and alphabetical recordings.



The following are the Playlist left menu options.

All Recordings

  • All Recordings will display the entire playlist. 
  • If a title is being recorded, it will have the Recording Progress Indicator icon to indicate the progress of the recording. 
  • If a title has been partially watched, a Green activity bar will be displayed to indicate the watching progress of that title. 
  • The total number of titles and the number of titles un watched will be displayed next to each folder (e.g. 2 Unwatched of 5). 
  • If the user presses Select on any recording, it will start playing immediately. 
  • If the user selects Info, the Info page will be displayed.



Continue Watching

  • A new Continue Watching page will list all the partially watched recordings.
  • The user can easily choose and resume watching any partially watched content.
  • It also includes a Recently Watched On Demand folder containing a list of VOD titles. 






Movies/TV Shows/Sports/Kids Zone

- Recordings will be filtered based on genre such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Kids Zone, it will be displayed under each section respectively.  







  • The Purchases page will list all the PPV titles purchased by the user.
  • It will contain a separate Purchases folder which will list all DIRECTV Buy Movies and TV Shows.






Last Chance

- A new Last Chance page will list all the purchased PPV titles that are set to expire soon. 


- This screen will also list recordings that are too old that can be deleted to free HD space if required. 







Manage Recordings

  • The Manage Recordings screen has been moved to the Playlist and is more precise and user-friendly. 


Disk Space Available

The percent of available of disk space free and available for recording will be displayed on the left panel.


Note: To see additional redesign information return to DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know.


Jared, AT&T Community Specialist


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ACE - Expert

Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

There's also a nice overview of the new interface here ....



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Community Support
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‎11-07-2017 5:09 PM

Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Learn more about the DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign outlined above.



We have collected feedback from customers and will be making various improvements to the new user interface in several software enhancements beginning this summer.  Here are some of the key improvements we’re making:


  • Improved overall legibility/readability of the new UI (improvements includes items such as,  font size and color / contrast)
  • Improvements to the playback bar and channel info sections
  • Faster performance / responsiveness
  • Various Enhancements to Playlist and Recording management 


Your feedback is important.  We will continue to make improvements to the new user interface as customer feedback is received.


Jared, AT&T Community Specialist


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Need help with an account specific question?  Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.
For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Cumbersome delete

New user interface makes deleting very cumbersome,. When finished watching a recorded program before end, you have to 1. pause/stop it; 2. Return to LIST 3. Scroll down to program in question 4. Press Delete 5. Confirm.    The worse step is #3' because when returning to list, the show being watched is not usually the one slected, so if you press delete too quickly, you may delete wrong program,   Any shortcuts?

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Re: Cumbersome delete

We’ve tried and tried to use the newly designed menu but it’s terrible.  Do you realize how many people of age cannot read the new program menu?  The print is way too small and way too blurry with white on black/blue background.  It hurts my eyes to try!  Also, it’s so easy to delete the wrong recorded program. Now, each time we start to delete a show from the recorded list, we’re afraid we’re going to delete the wrong program because this has happened to us several times (i.e., we ended up deleting all of the Olympics instead of the program we wanted to delete!)  Surely we're no the only elderly (or not) couple that’s having problems with this new format! 

Edward & Mary Staula

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Re: Cumbersome delete

I don't like the new display at all.

It is hard to delete a program that has been viewed.  It will skip right over it and go to the next un-viewed program.

Sometimes change is not good...like this one of the playlist.

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Re: Cumbersome delete

We just received the update finally a couple weeks ago and immediately hated it.  To top it off our receiver doesn't even have the processing power to handle it.  Navigation is now horribly laggy and clumsy.  Sometimes it will freeze for almost a minute if you move to fast for it or if it's doing too much behind the scenes.  The old GUI wasn't the quickest I've seen but now it's barely useable.

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PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

1.  Playlist sorting - I used to be able to sort my programs for comedy or drama or horror, etc. Please put this back in!

         < skip the double spacing>

2.   Skip the double spacing -make it single space but in larger font so us baby boomers without Lasix surgery can see it. 

         <double spacing wastes room>

3.  Skip the large box –  this takes up a lot of room. 

4.  return “date recorded” to each line.

5 THANKS  for putting more lines on each playlist page.   Also the font color seems to be brighter and this helps me see it .

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Re: PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

Ditto to other comments plus even for a baby boomer like me, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous style of listings! This new style makes it way too easy to delete the wrong program!
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Re: PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

I just got the update and it is not user friendly at all especially to delete programs in the playlist. What happens to the option to select several to delete at once without deleting the entire show folder or having to open each program push delete and confirm? Plus the design/color scheme is very hard to read and I have good eyesight 

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Re: PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

I can’t stand the new interface for the playlist.  I can’t easily see when the show was recorded.  The font is too small.  I don’t need a large bar on the left side of the screen showing a menu that I will never use or if I do, it will be rare.  If you want to change something, allow the user to create their own layout.  I feel really bad for those that have worse eyesight than me.  AT&T does a lot of great things but this is not one of them.

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Re: PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

Whoever changed this needs to be fired!!! You should of had enough business sense to go be your customers the opportunity to use this or keep it the way it was. Bad move on your part. No one likes it ! Put it back the way it was and leave it alone ! The new playlist Is crap

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Re: PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

Don’t like that when you sort recordings with “0” to go alphabetical it does not save as default.  

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Re: PLAYLIST feedback 4-10-18

This new guide is absolutely stupid. Why change something that worked and was easy to navigate. What is this Last Chance icon? If I don't go through and KEEP them will they be deleted? Cant find answer to that. I will not go through the pain of saving recordings every day. In the old guide I could look ahead a couple weeks and find programs I want to record. Now if I'm watching, lets say Chopped, if I look for other showings all I get is showings for that particular episode, not other episodes. Not worth all the aggravation for all the money it costs me monthly. Going to cable when contracts up.

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Re: DIRECTV Set-Top Box Playlist Redesign

Perhaps a  video of how the recording playlist works would be more helpful than screenshots.  I tried to zoom the screenshots but would not zoom. What would be really good is a video on how the old one worked compared to the new along with a timer and number of clicks comparison. Sorry the guide did not help me with my playlist, pictures to small.

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