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DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know

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DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know


DIRECTV STB_Remote.pngYour DIRECTV experience, redefined!


  • Starting on November 1, 2017 Genie, Genie 2 Receivers and Clients started to receive a new user interface (UI) via automatic software download. 
  • Our new sleek HD DVR interface simplifies your entertainment experience. Now you can access, discover, and manage your content like never before.
  • Dive into your content quickly, with program details, recognizable posters, and network logos, all on one screen!
  • Find what's playing on your most watched networks, your recordings, and On Demand content, all in one central location with our newly formatted Menu.
  • Conveniently search from any screen to find the shows you love.
  • Access and manage your recordings easily from a simplified, re-organized Playlist.
  • For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Set-Top Box Menu Update FAQ. Aquí está el enlace de preguntas frecuentes en español.


What You Need to Know

This modern refresh to the user experience improves the visual design for all screens in the receiver UI.  

  1. The redesign includes Menus, Playlist, Guide, Info Banner, VOD Enhancements and other items to evolve the user experience.
  2. Receivers that will get the New UI:
    • H44 + HDD
    • HR44
    • HR54
    • HS17
    • C31 / C41 / C41W-100 / C51 / C61 / C61K / RVU Clients
  3. Receivers may not be downgraded to an older user interface. 
  4. HR34 or older will not get the New UI
  5. Households with a mixture of receivers may see a different user interface depending on whether the receiver received the new user interface.

Visit each link for more information regarding our redesign:



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Re: Series manager


DVR 54-200

I got my first updated 😕 (ugh) in March 2018 and have had a couple since
Version numbers do not march along by sequential numbers.

I had Version 1088 (Beginning June 2018) and was updated to 1104 just a
couple of days ago with no updates in between.

It *seems* that they roll out the newer versions based on the hardware that
you have.
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ACE - Expert

Re: Series manager

The version numbers are sequential but not all the releases become public. Also fremember this is hex numbering so 1100 was the next version after 1088.

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Re: DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know

Thanks TCSPEC...   if you got the v1088 in the beginning of June and I got mine the end, maybe they’ll up date me at the end of August.  I’m happy to hear they changed where the Search menu is located.  Anxious to see that.  In the mean time, the Playlist is still a disaster trying to find recordings, Series Manager is still doubling or tripling  a series recording, especially if you try and move them up or down on the number list.   The  font size is still too small to read and  I Truly dislike the big blue box in the playlist.  

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Re: Series manager



You are not missing 16 updates. We all moved from 1088 to 1104 with
nothing in between. I suspect that you will get an update any day now. As
far as the hardware goes a DirecTV technician who was in my home told me
it tells where the DVR was manufactured.

Consider yourself very lucky to not have received the new improved update
until June of this year. I didn't get mine until mid-March of this year V
1038 and then at the end of June V 1088 and now V 1104.😎
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Re: Series manager

I received my update in June also and am soooo frustrated with it. My 91 yr old mom can no longer see the guide and recording so she can no longer use the remote!!!!! I have to do it all now.

Also our recorded shows keep disappearing from the list. I can go into the bedroom and they are in the list!!! I start the program then stop it then go beck to the living room and go to “continue watching “ on the list menu. I am seriously looking into changing providers!!!

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Re: Series manager

BMichelson1...... I have a 90 yr old Mom, and I can tell you, they don’t like things to  “change”. I don’t blame them especially when it comes to TV’s.  Their brains.....literally.....can’t process some of this stuff. 

Try this when you think programs are missing.    On you remote, click The LIST button.  When the shows appear, click thr “0” ( zero) button.  They will appear in alphabetical order and I’ll bet your shows reappear.    

My Mom is lucky enough to be in an area with XFINITY thru Comcast.   She can press a button and talk into their remote and tell it what she wants....ie tune to NBC or tune yo channel 244.   Very intuitive too when it comes to the menu. Screen easy to read too. Font size bigger.  If you live in a big city, you can go to an Xfinity / Comcast store and see it for yourself.   She loves hers.  I would switch in a heartbeat, but I’m in a rural area with a choice of Dish, Directv or Spectrum, which just laid cable. I need to see my neighbors set up and if it’s better, will make the switch after 19 years of being a faithful Directv customer.  AT&T really screwed it up when they got their hands on Directv.

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Re: Series manager

I feel the same way you do.  I bought the Protection Plan(19.99), My TV started acting up and call DirecTV to get to come out and fix it.  They talked me into buying this Plan because they said it would cover my TV and PC.  If they could't fix it they would replace the TV or PC.  They ask me for the model number, when they checked, they said they don't send people out to fix the TV, that they don't have people to do that, which didn't make any sense.  Then in same breath, they told me that my Plan didn't cover my TV.  They said I should have read my Plan, well, that would have been nice if I had received the Plan.  I'm not sure how long I stayed on the phone with these people.  I ask them to cancel this Plan and they questioned me, if I was sure I wanted to do that.  I laugh and why should I, it doesn't cover my TV.  I asked for a refund, they couldn't do that!!!  Well, I argued with them for I don't know how long and finally they said they would refund back two months, hurrah! That was $24.00, that really help me.LOL  Anyway, if anyone has this plan read over it because you might be paying for nothing.  Thank you for letting me vent!! 

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Re: Series manager

Thanks for the suggestion for the missing programs on the list. Nothing works to rebuild the list.They just reappear the next day!! I have tried everything. I will go to the bedroom and start and stop all the programs we want to watch . Does not make sense but then again this lousy update doesn’t make sense!!!!!

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Re: DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know

WJBChip........I have their $7.99 per month service plan, and I’ve used it several times.   It covers service calls, satellite dish and my genie..  A couple times a lawn mowing service hit the pole my dish is mounted to, which knocked it our of alignment enough where I couldn’t get a signal.  Twice they’ve had to replace the bar that stick out ( looks like 3  knobs) from the dish because of failure.  Once they had to replace my DVR.   A service call alone runs about $80. They came out the same day too.  I can’t complain about that, but it was before AT&T bought them.  They always try to push that $19.95 program on me, but I decline.   I don’t know if they still offer my plan anymore.....I think I’m grandfathered into it.....and if I quit, I can’t get it back.   Not sure though.

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Re: Series manager


I wonder if people are REALLY losing recordings. Here is what I've noticed
with my recordings list.

If I am watching a recording and get to the end, and if I press the "list"
button, I don't see my entire list, just one recording, which may or not be
the one I just finished watching. If, however, I go to live TV and then
press the "list" button, everything is there.

Just wondering...
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Re: Series manager

No they are not lost completely. You just can’t see them. I can go to the bedroom and they are on the list and then magically, usual the next day they have reappeared on the genie in the living room!!!
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Re: Series manager


That's what I see constantly from people who have more than one DirecTV
device in their home.

In my case I only have a HR54-200 and it seems that if I want to delete a
just watched show and press the "list" button to delete it right away it is
not on the list - *which only shows one recording.*

I can hit FF to the end of the recording and then hit the up button to
select delete now.

Otherwise if I cancel out of the recording and then hit the "list" button *I
can see all of my recordings.*

*It seems that if you don't follow a programmed path you cannot see all of
the recordings.*

Sounds nuts I know, but that's the way it looks to me.
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Re: Series manager

So much for the NEW AND IMPROVED GUI eh?
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Re: Series manager

Even after the updates there are times when I can only see 16 of my 380 recorded programs (according to the stats) and if I list alphabetically I don't get all the way through the B's.  

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Re: Series manager

No doubt they have some sort of limit on the number that can be shown. Go to List> Manage Recordings> Recording History. It lists all programs You’ve Recorded, Cancelled or Deleted. From there you can click on Select > Play if it’s still recorded. Selecting / Highlighting “Cancelled” or “Deleted” will let you see if “ other showings” are still available.
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