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DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know

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DIRECTV: Redefined Menu, Playlist & Guide Hub - Things to Know


DIRECTV STB_Remote.pngYour DIRECTV experience, redefined!


  • Starting on November 1, 2017 Genie, Genie 2 Receivers and Clients started to receive a new user interface (UI) via automatic software download. 
  • Our new sleek HD DVR interface simplifies your entertainment experience. Now you can access, discover, and manage your content like never before.
  • Dive into your content quickly, with program details, recognizable posters, and network logos, all on one screen!
  • Find what's playing on your most watched networks, your recordings, and On Demand content, all in one central location with our newly formatted Menu.
  • Conveniently search from any screen to find the shows you love.
  • Access and manage your recordings easily from a simplified, re-organized Playlist.
  • For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Set-Top Box Menu Update FAQ. Aquí está el enlace de preguntas frecuentes en español.


What You Need to Know

This modern refresh to the user experience improves the visual design for all screens in the receiver UI.  

  1. The redesign includes Menus, Playlist, Guide, Info Banner, VOD Enhancements and other items to evolve the user experience.
  2. Receivers that will get the New UI:
    • H44 + HDD
    • HR44
    • HR54
    • HS17
    • C31 / C41 / C41W-100 / C51 / C61 / C61K / RVU Clients
  3. Receivers may not be downgraded to an older user interface. 
  4. HR34 or older will not get the New UI
  5. Households with a mixture of receivers may see a different user interface depending on whether the receiver received the new user interface.

Visit each link for more information regarding our redesign:



Jared, AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Series manager

I called in and gave them 6 problems I noted with the new software.

they couldn't put it all in one case, I think she made it into 4 cases.

we'll see if they do anything with it.


here's my list:

Problems with new software
1. "other showings" doesn't show much. Older DVR shows next weeks episode and VOD episodes

2. I can't find the to do list

3. While watching TV pressing "info" brings up the time but no longer the day and date

4. It's too easy to delete the whole list of episodes versus one episode

5. It deletes shows while showing 1% free on other DVR's he goes to 0% when it's full.

6. 7/30/18 Past couple weeks. At end of show hit back delete episode sometime it winds up inside list of other named show

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Re: Series manager


Oh yeah, they're paying attention alright.

I have been a member of this forum since March 2018 ( that's when I got
the "wonderful GUI") .Then, I didn't receive any email updates for the
entire first week of August. So, I went to the site to post something and
could not log in. Try as I might, I just couldn't do it. So, I ended up
on a chat with their tech support. Seems there was a problem on their end
with the program; I am thinking that many many many forum subscribers are
blocked in the same way and just have not pursued it like I did. I no
longer see the familiar "handles" from members like I once did. We often
engaged in "small talk" and became familiar with one anther while
discussing DirecTV issues.
Maybe we have criticized too much. IDK. But that's my story.

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Re: Series manager

The “To Do” list can be found through the following steps. On the remote, click the LIST button, then scroll all the way down on the left side of your screen to “MANAGE PROGRAMS” and select that , then look to the right And select “ UPCOMING RECORDINGS, then click that and there it is. Nothing like having to jump through hoops to get to your list. Once again showing just how lousy this “ NEW AND IMPROVED” software update is. You’ll also notice when you click on “ other showings” of a program, it only displays the other showings of THAT PARTICULAR EPISODE, not anything coming up in the future. There is SOOOO much wrong with this interface, it boggles the mind.
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Re: Series manager

thanks for info.


now, new problem.

in DVR list of recordings, which i have many, one show currently has 7 episodes. So I decide to start watching, but I notice episode 1 is gone. So either I missed it before I started recording, or more likely, it got deleted last week when my DVR got full.

And in this NEW software on my Genie, when I click on info and look in the menu under More Showings, it either lists none or maybe just the current episode. So I go into the KITCHEN and turn on that older system. I go into listings and find that show, click on INFO and then More Showings, there I see all the VOD and click on episode #1 and record it. I see it start recording and go back into the Family Room where the Genie system is and there I see episode #1 with the recording icon, but also another icon. I click on that episode to watch and it says, "This program was recorded on KITCHEN and must be watched from KITCHEN !!!

In the past I've always been able to watch any show recorded on any of my 3 systems from any of the 3 systems.


I called in and they said it is a known problem and has been escalated.

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Re: Series manager

Seems like EVERYTHING is a KNOWN PROBLEM, but no solutions are quick to come. I personally think they have problems syncing their different model DVR units with this new GUI. It’s evident that their ONE SIZE GUI, DOES NOT FIT ALL.
I’ve had problems since June 1......and FINALLY got a software update on 8/30/18. It moved the search menu up to the first spot under MENU. That’s all I can tell that’s changed. I’m still getting Duplicates of the same series under Series Manager when I try to move the series up or down my list. I have 81 series listed. I moved one from # 10 to # 30, and now I have 86 series, with 5 duplicates starting at series #10. I give up.
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Re: Series manager

I have noticed ALL my recordings of "Elementary" just Disappeared , even "searching" which sometimes finds missing recordings from the master list and then allows to you watch them did NOT find them , however all the Episodes I wanted WERE available on the VOD "streaming" service...

But this is part of the fraudulent behavior that is being forced on us all from AT&T , with the streaming service your CANNOT skip over the Adverts ! , I now know that some of this missing show/deleted show behavior is likely a specific one that AT&T is using to force people to STREAM V's playback on the internal storage and then I BET they have a profit sharing arrangement with the show provider's Network in regards to the Advert's that CANNOT be skipped and are now FORCED viewing......


AT&T you are defaulting and manipulating your customers with your flawed GUI and now with deceptive bait & Switch of recorded content with Streamed content (with restricted FF/skip)


shame on you ! , this is a PAID service and one I am paying steeply for , (I should not also be the Product and one BEING sold !)  and you are not performing as per the agreement I had with you . 

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Re: Series manager

Message 217 of 219

Re: Series manager

Series Manager:  List button, manage recordings, series manager.


*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Series manager

I constantly have to restart my DVR so it will rebuild my "List" so all my recorded programs will return. The longer I go between restarts, the more programs disappear. It's quite obvious that nothing is being done to fix this horrendous mess they forced us to swallow. I was given $40 off a month for a year to deal with all this while they "sort it out", but I don't see ANYTHING being done other than making things worse.... Dish is in my future as soon as my discount is up. This 20 year customer is going to leave.

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