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DIRECTV Outages, Signal Loss & Service Problems - How to Quickly Resolve Them

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DIRECTV Outages, Signal Loss & Service Problems - How to Quickly Resolve Them

DIRECTV_FORUM.gifQuickly Resolve DIRECTV Service Woes 


Having trouble with your DIRECTV service? You can normally resolve DIRECTV loss of service by resetting the receiver, checking cable connections, and making sure your TV is on the right input.  These steps can resolve the following:   



  • Loss of service (picture and sound)
  • Picture Pixilation and Freezing
  • Missing Channels (Local Channels) 
  • Audio Loss/ Issues
  • Remote Control function
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Guide Issues
  • Feature Issues with recordings and box features


How to reset the receiver TroubleshootTV.png

To reset the receiver you can either unplug it from power for 15 seconds or press and hold the red reset button located near the access card. It can be a quick fix in most circumstances. If you have a guide issue or missing channels, refreshing your service may resolve this. 


Cable connections and power

Verify all connections (wall to receiver, receiver to TV) are placed firmly into the device. If the cables going from the wall to the equipment are damaged and believe this is causing loss of service, chat with us.


Composite to Composite.jpg  HDMI to HDMI.jpg


Check the power cord and make sure it is firmly plugged into the wall outlet. In some instances, a light switch controls power to an outlet. Make sure it is on. We recommend plugging the receiver into a dedicated outlet.



In rare instances, the input can be changed by accident. You may bump into the TV or sit on the remote. To fix this, select input on the TV or remote until you see a picture. It can take a second or two for the picture to populate so don't rush through. You may need to use the remote that belongs to the television and not the DIRECTV remote. 


If the above does not help and service and weather is not an issue, feel free to chat with our support teams by clicking here. Also, Dish Alignment could be a factor, this article has information on how to check. 



-ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Re: genie 2

I'm not sure how to reply to this because I have a different problem. My remote keeps jumping back to another station. I have change the battery's several time, but the problem is still there. Is there a fix for this

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Re: genie 2

There was no reply to my problem.

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Re: genie 2


I am not an AT&T employee. I was a customer, but have called and canceled my service. They didn't even want the equipment back. Still waiting 3 months later for my refund.
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Re: genie 2

Not a surprise, my Genie 2 works better after put the system on a timer and it shuts down for about an hour each morning around 2am but I still get the pixelation and picture lock up regularly. I checked signal strength on the sats with all above the 95% level too.  This genie system really is problematic and I am very seriously considering canceling it out and going with all cable instead.  At least with that system moderate to heavy rain is not an issue. Maybe if enough folks walked away things might get fixed.

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Re: genie 2

I understand. I have called for over 6mths. Still no one has had enough
concern to even say We will send someone to check. Talk to more than 7, 8,
lol maybe 10 or more different people want to go thru same thing time after
time. Cannot get it thru to Att/directv we have tryed that. DONT WORK. MY
system says it is connect to WiFi but when you try to use says it not
connected. But you go into and check says strength excellent and connected..
Guess they love getting my $$$ every month so not concerned with my service.
Actively searching now for new service. Going to change. Then I bet you
when I call to cancel they will say BUT WHY! LOL I will say can you put us
on speaker so all can hear cause I have spoken to them. Still have problem.
answer your question.
Been customer since 90s.😞
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Re: genie 2


I have tried everything and continue to have the same Error Code 771 problem. I can't watch any of my main news or sports channels for over aone week and I ma paying all this money for nothing. It is NOT due to bad weather or any interference. Either the dish is bad or there is something totally wrong with the satellite reception. I have tried every type of troubleshooting and nothing is working. I have had it with DTV and I am about to cancel their garbage rip-off service and about to cancel service. After 2 years of paying lots of $$$, I am completely unhappy and frustrated. Everytime I try to call them on the phone, I wait for a long time and hold then finally, I get someone speaking to me from some foreign country like the Philippines or somewhere else and there is always a communication problem. They do not keep their promises on the phone, they lie about our last conversation and pretend that there were no notes found from the last representative that I spoke to. Customer service su*ks. All they are interested in is charging and ripping off the customer. Crappy customer service. My last 3 custoe\mer service calls have been totally horrible experiences with people arguing with me and lying to me.


I believe I should NOT have to pay for services that I have not received for over one week now. Have not been able to watch any of my regular channels that I am paying hard cash for like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ESPN, Geography or History Channels, etc. I tried to watch things online on my PC but it will not allow me to do so either. 


At this point, I am so frustrated that I feel they can come and collect their garbage dish and stuff it where the sun don't shine. I am so unhappy with this that I am considering filing a customer complaint with the FCC and my state's AG office.

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Re: genie 2

I have the online issues you state but now since yesterday I have issues sighing into my account. Things are getting worse by the day. I'll be moving soon directv won't be moving with me.

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Re: genie 2

We have had this problem for TWO years and have had technicians come out several times. We keep being told "it's a known issue"--we were told that this week and again a YEAR ago. Still no solution. Why am I paying a fortune for a service that barely works properly?

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Re: genie 2

It is a shame that DISH picture quality is not as good as DTV, if it was
I would switch in a heartbeat. The Genie 2 still has substantial bugs
and ATT does not seem to really care about customer service. Mine still
locks the picture for a few seconds regularly and sometimes really fouls
up the sound. I did reduce the issues by putting the Genie on a timer
that shuts it down each night for about an hour then powers it back up.
It helps but does not cure the issue.
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Re: genie 2

We're about to stop our service as a result of the same issue. My husband is mostly bedridden and relies on the TV for entertainment. 

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