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DIRECTV Outages, Signal Loss & Service Problems - How to Quickly Resolve Them

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DIRECTV Outages, Signal Loss & Service Problems - How to Quickly Resolve Them

DIRECTV_FORUM.gifQuickly Resolve DIRECTV Service Woes 


Having trouble with your DIRECTV service? You can normally resolve DIRECTV loss of service by resetting the receiver, checking cable connections, and making sure your TV is on the right input.  These steps can resolve the following:   



  • Loss of service (picture and sound)
  • Picture Pixilation and Freezing
  • Missing Channels (Local Channels) 
  • Audio Loss/ Issues
  • Remote Control function
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Guide Issues
  • Feature Issues with recordings and box features


How to reset the receiver TroubleshootTV.png

To reset the receiver you can either unplug it from power for 15 seconds or press and hold the red reset button located near the access card. It can be a quick fix in most circumstances. If you have a guide issue or missing channels, refreshing your service may resolve this. 


Cable connections and power

Verify all connections (wall to receiver, receiver to TV) are placed firmly into the device. If the cables going from the wall to the equipment are damaged and believe this is causing loss of service, chat with us.


Composite to Composite.jpg  HDMI to HDMI.jpg


Check the power cord and make sure it is firmly plugged into the wall outlet. In some instances, a light switch controls power to an outlet. Make sure it is on. We recommend plugging the receiver into a dedicated outlet.



In rare instances, the input can be changed by accident. You may bump into the TV or sit on the remote. To fix this, select input on the TV or remote until you see a picture. It can take a second or two for the picture to populate so don't rush through. You may need to use the remote that belongs to the television and not the DIRECTV remote. 


If the above does not help and service and weather is not an issue, feel free to chat with our support teams by clicking here. Also, Dish Alignment could be a factor, this article has information on how to check. 



-ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Re: genie 2

Trying to watch FIFA on Channel 106.  About 75 times it has frozen today so far.  Feed fails, no signal, then screen tearing.  I'm close to done with this joke of 4K viewing.  

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ACE - Expert

Re: genie 2

I haven't seen anyone else report this issue...

Award for Community Excellence 2019 Achiever*
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Re: genie 2

AT&T tech came out and replaced the mini Genie I had been using since install. What an incredible difference! Now instead of signal loss 6-8 times an hour it happens maybe once a day. Thank goodness! We were going crazy and couldn’t use any OnDemand content. So glad this is fixed!
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Re: genie 2

Tired of resetting the receiver most of the time THAT doesn't even work. tomorrow I am calling to cancel the Direct TV. Very disappointing

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Re: How to Quickly Resolve DIRECTV Service Issues

You know what?!  One a day is still not acceptable

Once a week maybe.


We will keep the internet

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Re: How to Quickly Resolve DIRECTV Service Issues

Could someone tell me why HBO/DirecTV streaming has become very intermittent after ATT took over?  I keep trying to stream a show that has already started and most of the time I get an error and it reverts to regular sat TV programming.  When I do a diagnostic ATT ALWAYS BLAMES ME for having an internet connection issue or a connection issue or something like that.  So I go do a speed test and everytime I get 25 MB/sec or higher.  The connection is ethernet hard wired.  So it has to be a slow ATT server!!!!  IMHO.  Come ON ATT your servers are SLOW.  Certainly compared to NETFLIX.  If you want to keep spending $$$$$ on M&A instead of service to your remaining customers, go ahead.

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Re: genie 2

I have had constant problems since this upgrade.  Now I have nothing and heard the fix won't happen until January 2019.  I'm looking for another carrier and forgetting about trying to fix mine.  It's been a huge waste of time and money.

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Re: When my TV and receiver power up, there is no picture on the TV

The quickest fix of all, stop dealing with all the lies, reboots, calls, lack of service and switch to Dish or Cable.  AT&T just ruined this company and raised prices.  I am canceling this and telephone service through AT&T, they don't care about anything but bringing in more $$.  

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Re: When my TV and receiver power up, there is no picture on the TV

I very seriously agree, their service is very poor and rarely solves
problems. The Genie 2 finally got a software update on the 29th of Aug
but all it has done is change a few features. Still have the pixelating,
locking up, sound garbling ect. I put the genie on a timer that shuts it
down every night around 3 for an hour which seems to help a bit but the
issues are still there and very irritating.\

Jerry [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Re: genie 2

Two issues:

  1. Audio is popping.
  2. Picture freezes and then eventually unfreezes. But when it unfreezes,  it is in a spot in the film or program that is further along. 


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Re: genie 2

My system still does this but now not as much. I put the server on a
timer that shuts it down around 3am for a while. It seems to have
improved things substantially but not completely. The software update a
week or so ago did not improve those issues just added a couple of features.

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Re: genie 2


Just want to say a couple of facts that can help ATT to resolve the problem with GENIE HS17-100.

1. I have 5 wireless minis

2. I have 2 uhd 4k TVs

3  One 4k tv is wired to HS-17

4. 3 tv sets are using their own speakers / sound.


They ALL have the same issue described in this forum.

I have tried ALL troubleshooting solutions proposed by ATT forum helpers - no way.

I have called twice DirecTv customer support. Honestly it was worthless - they do not know

or they hiding any knowledge about it. 




I am almost 100% sure that is the software or hardware issue of this HS17 GENIE. The problem

exists an all wireless minis and ALL tv sets with or without other AV equipment.

BTW, I am dealing with this issued since August 2017 when DIRECTV technician installed the system

including the latest available satellite dish. 

One more thing - I am paying $270 monthly bill for DIRECTV service.!


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Re: genie 2

What a "gold mine" of information for ATT.  People pay to do the de-bugging of their equipment and then take the time to document it here.  Where else could ATT get this kind of service?

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Re: genie 2

Lordy i am tired. Trying to get my remote  back where it will order movie. Been a customer since early 90s. For 6 or 7 months dvr says it is connect to wifi but it is NOT. SET up wifi you say. It worked for 9 years then bam no work. 250$ a month & i got to call to get a movie. I would appreciate getting this fixed. Please.


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Re: genie 2

i'm in full agreement and it appears the quality of service will suffer under new management. regretfully I think AT&T may have overpayed for a money trap with dwindling business model in Directv…. and I too am a long standing customer now being disappointed too!

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