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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

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DIRECTV On Demand Playback & Movie Download Issues - Error 927




We all enjoy taking a little down time! Taking a walk, riding a bike or spending time with family are a few ways. Watching a movie is one thing we all enjoy, but sometimes that can be interrupted by pesky error codes. If you are trying to watch a movie and see Error Code 927, we have a few fixes that may help resolve this error. 



Verify Your Internet Is Connected

DECA Connection & Status

If your system uses a DECA, make sure power is On and Network is Green. If equipment was moved, make sure everything is still connected. Sometimes cables may loosen or disconnect. 


Reset The Modem

In some instances, a reset of the modem will resolve internet connection troubles. If you have a U-verse modem, click here for troubleshooting information. 


Check The Internet Connection On The Receiver

Press the dash (-) button on the remote. 

If you see Not Connected, perform the following: using the remote go to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Internet and select Reconnect Internet 


Reset The Receiver

In some instances, a reset of your receiver is a quick fix. Near the access card is a red reset button. Press and hold that until the receiver reboots. 


Chat With Us

In some circumstances, you will need to contact us to resolve this if the above steps do not work. We will need to know what On Demand Title you were trying to watch and what network that title is on. 

Click here to chat with a DIRECTV agent. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

I called over a year ago about this issue, and you guys gave the same lame excuse of " We're actively working to get it fixed".  I still have the issue and I'm still paying for a service that I NEVER WORKS! 

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Re: DIRECTV On Demand Playback Issue- Error 927

Have had the same issue for the past 6 months, called at least 10 times and no solution. they gave bill credit 2 or times. but still not fixed. at some point they said their backend was fixed and it was an issue with my equipment  but called again today and they is their backend again. 


so frustrating, want to switch back to xfinity again..

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

I've had this problem with my DirecTV for over 6 months have made many calls have been told the engineers are working on it. for 6 months come on what am I paying for here. I've done everything reset the DVR reset the modem took the card out unplugged DVR everything I've Been Told still doesn't work. I want a new HD DVR box. I'm about to cancel service and switch over to another company tired of this 

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

Same thing here brother tired of this about to end service been told for 9 months Engineers are working on it really I'm paying for something I'm not getting and getting the run-around every time I call

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Re: DIRECTV On Demand Playback Issue- Error 927

Sorry ATT but your resolutions are unacceptable.  FIX THE PROBLEM!  We are paying for a feature that 50% of time does not work.  It is beyond frustrating. With so many other unresolved issues you have this one is the straw.  Looking for other service to switch to.  I have had it!

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Re: DIRECTV On Demand Playback Issue- Error 927

So they have known that this is an issue for at least 18 months and it is not still fixed?  I don't get it every time that I try to see something from and On Demand channel, but often enough that I am well and truly annoyed at this point.  I haven't talked to anyone from AT&T yet, but since I have to call them about the screwed up billing practices, I will bring it up.


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Re: DIRECTV On Demand Playback Issue- Error 927

Add me as another DirecTV user receiving "preparing for playback" "step 1 of 3: checking connection" when pressing << to play from the beginning.

My xfinity internet connection is fine as the Genie server shows 4K download speed and other streaming services (Netflix and Amazon) work fine. 

Next week we will talk to Comcast/xfinity about their TV and internet bundle. 

We have been DirecTV customers since 2004, but with the every increasing price and the declining customer service it's time to switch. 

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

Just go back to the old way that worked for 20 years

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

I personally have not had the 927 error message.  But Have NEVER got to watch one on demand show.  It doesn't even offer to download.  I have 15.7 Mbs download   tested by every tester I have found.  Everywhere it tested.  Can watch HD movies on Netflix,  Amazon, on my computer.  But NOTHING on directv on demand.  Even on my computer with ethernet cat 6 connection.  Nothing what so ever.  I am with you dude.  Better Business Bureau.  With the trickery of 2 years.  And not the service paid for.  I have read reviews on different cable providers and Directv.  Not working.  It isn't the internet connections.  It is Direct.  I have had service to my house 5 times.  Blamed it on internet.  Got new modem router ordered.  New HR44 box.  Still nothing.  Spectrum offers a buy out of the fees for early disconnection.  Up to $500  with thousands of on demand that works.  Another thing.  Why and how does the pay per view channels work??????  But not one on demand??????

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

I agree.  I think I will make the switch.  I have had DTV since 1998 and now with ATnT they can fix the problem.  But if you download a movie you pay for it works just fine.  ATnT fix the aging issue.  

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

Sounds like everyone else is also having issues with Directv's On Demand services, specifically error code 927. I've done everything they instructed me to do, and I still get the same error messages. This has been an ongoing issue for some time now.

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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

  Ok so, I’ve reset my router/WiFi setup. I’ve reset my DIRECTV receiver. EVERYtime I select a program in my :LIST: I get: “927 - The content you want to watch is unavailable now. We’re addressing the issue, so be sure to try again later.” It’s not EVERY program in my list that brings this error code. It seems to only be affecting shows that I recorded/downloaded from searching for the shows that are in the on-demand sections that have the commercials that you can’t fast forward or rewind through. If I record a movie or an ongoing series than I have no issue replaying the movie/show. I don’t understand how a BILLION DOLLAR Company can’t figure out a permanent fix for a d_mn error code that’s effecting all its customers all over. I’ve been with DIRECTV for over a decade and we shouldn’t have to be dealing with these annoying issues. PLEASE FIX THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!





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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

In the computer world, when you DOWNLOAD to your device, it means you don’t require an Internet connection to access it later.  


The only internet service available to me is satellite.  Data limits are small and restrictive.  Imagine my ANGER to find that after I PAID for the data to download something... that took hours... it won’t play!!!


And if it ever does play, I’ll incur data consumption over and over and over.  


What a disgrace!!!!





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Re: On Demand Channels Not Working?

After dealing with this issue for months, we dropped DirecTV in August 2018 and switched to Xfinity (Comcast.)

After one year with Xfinity we are very happy. Great installation service and reliable viewing experience. The only downside is not as many HD channels. 

And now DirecTV is not showing some local broadcast channels due to a dispute.

Happy Xfinity customer.

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