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Channels removed from DIRECTV lineup (January 2017)


Channels removed from DIRECTV lineup (January 2017)

I am done with Directv!!! I pay alot of money to have your service and you pull this crap!! I am tired of you putting the consumer in the middle of your fight with the local stations without any compensation for the days that we are without local channels.  Lucky that the Patriots are playing on another channel!!!  My New Years resolution is to DUMP Directv.

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Why didn't we get a notice, i went tomwatch channel 11 news and it said to go here, when are we getting it back i thought it was included in our package, i had directv for almost 4 yrs and never had this problems, really been having a lot of problems with different things, and they are charging a lot for the package i have, they ahould have a package deal for the channel you watch because we don't watch a lot of theae channel on our package. Please let me know, on the phone been on hold for 25 minutes also

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Are You Crazy!?!

Drop our local channels. I'll give you 2 days. Whatever they ask you need to pay it or you will lose us all.
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Lost Channel 5, 9 without warning via email or snail mail or pop up on TV

Lost local channels 5 and 9.  Someone else saw something that we may lse channel 25 as well.  No warning via email- looked back >30 days.  No warning in Bill or snail mail. Says there is availability when you go to web site.  Called.  Asked for supervisor when I was told to go to a website (didn't have access to internet at time).  Was unable to say why there was no warning except to say there was pop up on TV- my kid watches TV a ton.  There was no pop up.  It just went black right after midnight.  When I asked if there would be a penalty if I cancelled the Supervisor hung up on me.  Searching Direct TV all I can find is a thing saying the channels in my area (which shows they are still available).  They did this during the Olympics and now on New Years.  Have had it. 

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Re: Will we eventually loose all local channels?

I am upset that uverse does not carry our local station Channel 47 in Jacksonville, FL. It was the only CBS channel and not available. There numerous paid sales channels that I have NO use for but CBS is necessary. Uverse, it may be time to "cut the cable".

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Re: WISN ABC get it fixed

We lost KMBC ABC channel 9 right before Richard Clark (silly web site thought his first name he's well known by was a bad word - for Heaven's sake!) New Year program hit midnight last night.  We watch the channel 9 news exclusive and a lot of other programming.  Either drop my bill a bit due to my NOT being able to see the best newscasts for my area or get it together and make a deal with them - Lord knows I pay enough for your services to be able to see what I want  - my bill is $219.00 a month - geez......



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Re: Lost Channel 5, 9 without warning via email or snail mail or pop up on TV

Post on the Tv forum, this not for the satellite service.

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Local channel lost-why?

Again. DIRECTV is not providing a promised service - local channel! Fire the person or people making these decisions! DTV is quick to charge customers, but as for customer service, it is awful. DTV is the worst!!!
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No NBC or Pac 12 networks

Not having NBC is unacceptable.  Also, have been asking for Pac12 Network and nothing.  Will be calling to change carrier soon.


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Re: Appalled

This is disgusting. Removing channels??? Figure it out.
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WAPT (ABC) gone.

WAPT is missing this morning. DirecTV says they chose to be removed. Bet it was because DirecTV raised the cost of being carried. If it doesn't come back soon, I'll be looking hard at Dish. And, change my cell carrier. AT&T is all about money, not customers.

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I pay $200 a month and for what???? Lost both ABC AND NBC!!! I'll be calling Dish today!

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Re: No NBC or Pac 12 networks

I AGREE also lost ABC........

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Re: Are You Crazy!?!

I agree with you. 2 days!! After 9 years of this I've had it losing channels especially local channels!! I'll be looking to go back to cable. AT&T wouldn't update my wifi after 7 years and I am now with charter, I don't have a problem doing that with Directv also!!

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Local channel 5

If I can't receive my local ch 5 I will be canceling DTV after yrs of being a costomer $200 monthly ill cancel and save myself $2000 a yr zip code 45011
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What is going to happen to shows recorded that are on channel 2? Is another network going to pick up these shows? What is it going to cost to get channel 2 back>?

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