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Cannot connect to internet


Cannot connect to internet

I got a new modem/router from Comcast today, connected it and got computer connected along with Ipad and Xbox, when trying to get the 2 HD DVR'S connected keeps saying ssid wrong, I have pressed dash got SWM connected, Internet not detected, cck/w power solid, wlan not lit, activity blinking, network solid. Restored defaults, reset HR 21 AND HR 24, tried to connect thru menu and it has test connection not connect now, selected repeat network set up, selected wireless, network didn't show up, manually input home network name, entered ssid, still cannot connect, Question is since I have followed the steps, is this going to end up in a serv call from DTV?

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Re: Cannot connect to internet

You need to reset the WCCK by pressing the reset button behind the hole for 30 seconds while there is power then rerun network setup from the DVR.

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Re: Cannot connect to internet

try holding the reset button on the back of the CCK-W for 30 seconds.  then on your HDDVR press

MENU SETTINGS & HELP SETTINGS NETWORK SET UP RESTORE DEFAULTS CONNECT NOW GET CONNECTED WIRELESS.  the receiver will then scan for Wi-Fi networks and should d find yours.  once it finds your SSID, select your network name.  if your network is secured, it will ask you to type in your password.  if successful, you will get a message that says "congratulations, your receiver is connected to the internet"  Note that your SSID and/or password cannot have any spaces and/or special characters

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