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(BBC) Module for Ka-Lo band up conversion


(BBC) Module for Ka-Lo band up conversion

I've been having a problem with my system whereas the picture will go away completely to a blank screen, but I still am receiving audio through my AV Receiver.

It appears that I have determined that there is a "short" in the connection of my (BBC) Module to my HD Receiver because, previously, when this would happen I would shake the connection until the picture returned. I would then have to hope that no one would bump into the receiver and move it again.

This didn't work last night. I removed the module from the line and connected my "line in" directly into my HD receiver, thinking that I would probably lose my HD channels. The Technician indicated to me when he installed the system that this module was needed to receive HD signals. Well, it looks like I am receiving my HD channels just fine without the module.

Question (finally): Is the BBC Module really needed?
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