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Re: Issues selecting premium add-on?


Issues selecting premium add-on?

I signed up for watch premium and selected Amazon as my benifit. Under my account I see it there. But on Amazon side nothing changed.


If I wanted to goto select the perk or change to pandora etc. I get an error message 


Has anyone been successful at selecting and using their premium add-on? Whether it's Amazon, pandora, Starz  hbo etc? 

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Re: Issues selecting premium add-on?

Word is if you already had an amazon membership under the same email, it gets screwed up.  

No real solution yet.  Throwing a few things at it to see what works.

You might want to see if canceling your original amazon membership, and open with a new email.  


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Re: Issues selecting premium add-on?

Good afternoon thanks for the reply, Having to go that route will break my whole smart home setup. 

This is really a pain, I hope ATT figures something out.


And yes, I do have amazon with amazon prime.

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‎06-30-2018 10:34 AM

Re: Issues selecting premium add-on?

Piggied back off your solution, what I did was

  1. contact amazon music unlimited support.
  2. Told them to immediately cancel my music subscription
  3. Went into my browser history to find the link that integrated the amazon and att together
  4. Clicked the link and was able to link the watchatt to my amazon account.
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