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Can’t login At&t watchtv app


Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I bought an Apple Xs iPhone with unlimited data that was supposed to include AT&T  Watchtv. After downloading the app I try to login and enjoy the tv channels, but instead I am getting a signin error message that the username and password don’t match their records. I then click forgot password and reset the password and try again. Again it says the same thing and I can’t login. Please can someone tell me how I can login to the app?

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‎01-28-2019 9:59 PM

Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

Hey @Cd0109,


We'd be happy to help with your sign-in concern! Have you tried verifying your AT&T phone number and creating an account before downloading the app? Also keep in mind, each WatchTV account can stream on one device at a time.


Let us know if this information was helpful or if you have any additional questions.


Dan, AT&T Community Specialist



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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I am having the same problem. Tried your solution and it didn’t work. Same issues persist. If I was sold a plan and I don’t get what I paid for I am going to be upset. 

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I am having the same issue.


I created my ID and password but WatchTV app does not accept or work.

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

Compilation of “assurances” from ATT since I reported the issue on January 25:


January 25

  • Kane : You can just leave it to us, we will fix it for you.

January 26

  • rd463c : We have noticed that few customers contacted us regarding the log in issue and few of them were logged in but not able to stream. We have already forwarded it to our internal team where they are working on this. We are aware of the issue and we do have an team who are working currently. It's just under maintenance and once it is done, you will be able to log in and stream the content with no issues. I am sure you will enjoy the services.
  • rd463c : Vicki, it will not take too long, I suggest you to stream after sometime, I am sure it will work, once the maintenance starts it normally gets resolved within 24 hours.
  • rd463c : I will personally follow up with team and get your issue resolved with high priority.
  • rd463c : I will take the complete ownership of your issue and get this issue resolved for once and all.
  • rd463c : I assure you it will be resolved.
  • mz551g : Our network team is working on this.I assured there will be back soon.
  • mz551g : You can trust me on this.
  • mz551g : I will take responsibility and get this done for you.
  • Ron : This is not the experience that we want our customers to have. Trust me, I will make sure that this is resolved soon.
  • Ron : Please do not worry, I will do my best to help you.
  • Ron : No worries, my supervisor will help you all of the issues. Please be rest assured,

January 27

  • Nancy : Please be rest assured our technical team is working on it and it will be retrieved as soon as possible
  • Nancy : It seems the issue started 5 days back.

January 27

  • Maria : I have contacted my technical team. And since they are still working on the master update to improve the service some customers are not able to stream yet, but good news this issue will be completely fixed in no more than 4 hours
  • Maria : Technical department is working in a new master update to improve the service and this has been taking more time that we expected I assure your that this will be working in the time I provided since there are customer that are streaming their service so you just need to wait that period of time and you will be enjoying your service in all devices

January 28

  • Jessica : I certainly understand how frustrating that would be. I will not take any of your time. I have forwarded your details to my supervisor regarding this so that you get an updated information within the next 45-60 miniutes
  • Jessica : We recently had an outage where the customers created an account recently were unable to login. However, we were able to resolve few of them
  • Jessica : I am sure that your account is also one of them.
  • Garry : We received an update from our Network team, customers who created the account recently are unable to stream the service due to a technical glitch.
  • Garry : However, we are able to get it fixed for few of the accounts.
  • Garry : This technical glitch was found recently. I can assure that it will be resolved soon
  • Garry : I understand that it is taking longer time than expected. We never want our customers to experience this
  • Garry : We will follow up on this if you wish so that you don't need to contact us again about this
  • Garry : We have recently launched the Watchtv service. I am sure that you will not face this again in future.

I still can’t access WAtchTV. So much for their word and assurances. 

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

Same problem. Tried all “customer service” reps solutions multiple times and they don’t work. Same issues persist. I was sold a plan and am not getting what I paid for so am very upset. 

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I am unable login it keeps saying a problem has accursed. Please tell me how to fix it I just got it today 

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I had the same issue with their meaningless assurances.  Finally gave up and switched plans. I hope you have have better success and by the way don’t give them your credit card to try the standalone plan outside of AT&T to relsolve the problem.  That’s another story. Good luck

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I am not able to access this either. How long has this been going on? First time I have attempted to login for a few months. 

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

After months of not being able to log in, I think I may have found a solution, but I'm not sure the specific action that got my account to work again, so bare with me.


Either one of two things (or the combination itself) will fix it:


1. You will need to have an agent change your phone plan to something else and then put you back on your current plan.


2. You have two user IDs, regardless of what the site is telling you, and will need to combine them.  


***Please note: You way need to summon the patience of praying mantis to complete the first task. AT&T reps knee-j3rk reaction (once they realize they can't help) is to tell you, you have the wrong number, give you the number you just called on, and maybe tell you what specifically to say when speaking to the automated system. (You've already been saying some version of it and it won't help.) They could simply do an internal transfer to get you to the correct area, but this never occurs to them. It's okay though. Relax. Pet the dog, pour yourself a nice drink, breathe deeply and go with the flow.


After a long and frustrating journey to get to the correct department (which never happened) a very nice agent changed my plan to something else and then changed it back. I had to verify my WatchTV info again via the verification site (she texted me the url but unfortunately I deleted it.)
It still was not working after that, however I decided to use the "forgot user ID" option. It told me that, much like my AT&T account my email, which I had been using, was correct.
However, I happened to read the following just below: "Did you know you can combine your IDs to manage your AT&T accounts with a single ID, including DIRECTV NOWSMand WatchTVSM? This won't combine your bills or bundle your services. Start here to combine your IDs"

Now, one thing I noticed was that when I tried to login to the website on my laptop, it would constantly bring me back to a page that would say something about my User ID. I suspected that there just might have somehow, some way be another ID in there somewhere, so I went back to the email and clicked "Start here to combine your IDs" and sure enough, in spite what the email was telling me I had another username that wasn't my email.

I made the username for everything my email and then tried to log in. STILL NO LUCK. However, I suspected that maybe the system needed time to update things, so I told myself I'd simply try it again the next day. Well, I happened to be awake the next day (still up at 2 AM) so I logged in and after months of not being able to I was back in!

So, hopefully this works for you guys.

***Apparently j3rk is a "bad word" therefore knee-j3rk is a "bad word" and totally means the same thing. 😑 🙏 mantis 🙏mantis🙏mantis

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I have read months and months of reviews and I hope this helps because not being to use the app really frustrated me. The user name is the name you used when you first signed up (who remembers that right??) reset the USER NAME directly from the app. Have it sent via text. You will get TWO TEXT MESSAGES one with a email domain attached and another message with a name that’s together. Like AppleJOE. THAT is the username. YOUR PHONE NUMBER WILL NOT WORK AS A USERNAME. ONLY THE NAME THAT IS COMBINED TOGETHER. Do not add a .com. TYPE the name EXACTLY how it appears in the text. RESET your password VIA email. When the email arrives, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN IN FROM THE EMAIL. It will not work. COPY the 5 or 6 NUMBERS. Go back to the app and enter those numbers as the password (with you username). You can then change your password. After you update your password, it will prompt you to login in with your new login credentials. ENJOY LIVE TV

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I couldn’t log in because it kept saying they didn’t recognize my account. Then I reset everything thing and got a message saying they were having problems. I called and they said to give it 72 hours. I went away for two weeks and still got the same message. I think I got ripped off and suckered into switching plans.

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I too have contacted them and was told they were working on it. And now we are into April and still it does not work

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

I am also having the same issue. I have verified and reset password multiple times. Still not working. 

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Re: Can’t login At&t watchtv app

Same issue for me. Haven’t contacted customer support yet as they don’t seem (from these forums) to have any solution to the issue. The unlimited data is good for my Netflix and SlingTV as well as Roku camping trips. A free benefit that doesn’t work is not a benefit!

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