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This program is blacked out


This program is blacked out

Randomly, while watching shows under the new ATT app (formerly direct tv now), the screen will black out and say “this program is blacked out....”. Not sure why. Any suggestions?

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Re: This program is blacked out

Having the exact same issue watching espn nfl game. When it cuts to commercial it pops up “this program is blacked out” then sometimes it comes back and other times I have to pick a different channel then go back to espn and it works. 

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Re: This program is blacked out

Me too, if pick the  channel again it plays for a few minute and then does it again.

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Re: This program is blacked out

"This Program is Blacked Out"

I have the exact same issue too.  I never had it when it was just Direct TV Now, only after AT&T took over.

It lasts for about 15 seconds and then the program comes back

This is an AT&T problem - AT&T has put in some poorly tested infrastructure that is chiseling users.

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Re: This program is blacked out

I don't have any solutions but I posted same problem a couple below yours.  Never had the problem until AT&T took over.  I supposedly got through to tech support who couldn't route me to the AT&T TV support because "the wait was over 15 minutes".  I wonder why...

The tech has my phone and email address and is supposed to call back when the wait becomes "less than 15 minutes".

Tech support with AT&T TV looks like it's horrible to non-existent.

I bet AT&T has some other more expensive product and they're trying to torpedo AT&T TV to gouge more money...

There are several related forums where people are complaining about this so it's not like AT&T TV tech support doesn't know about it.  If I don't get resolution soon, it'll be time to re-shop somewhere else...

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