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Program blacked out

I just got SCI "Street Science" is blacked out in your area error 70. Happening on PC, phone, and tablet. I just watched "Mythbusters" with no problem. Any idea what's going on? I am at home, within billing and physical zip. I've watched Street Science before and had no issues. Cleared cache and force stopped apps and cleared temp files and cookies on PC with no effect. 

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‎11-29-2017 8:38 PM

Re: Program blacked out

Like others being blacked out. The owner of the content does not consent to the programming being streaming. DTVN has no reason to block any content. They have nothing to gain from that.

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Re: Program blacked out

Thanks for the reply!  I completely understand what you're saying but I thought maybe it was a glitch or something since I've watched first run Street Science episodes before.  Anyway, it's it is a glitch, contract dispute, or whatever, I hope it's resolved soon.  I just checked and SCI is working fine now playing Mythbusters.  If it's SCI blacking it out, as you say, it's kind of a jerky deal...  Thanks again.

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Re: deleted

It's a problem in the coding of the app wrongly identifying legit programs an blacking them out like an out of area sports game when they black it out I've decompiled my app fixed the coding an it's fixed .I sent a message directly to DirecTV now with description on how to fix an where the faults are at now let's see if they even care to fix it .I now have two Roku with DirecTV now with 1 running the fixed programming an the other running stock app. they are both on animal planet river monsters is blacked out on the 1thats stock ,, an the other stick that's running the fixed app is not blacked out an running fine

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Re: deleted

I have the big package and things keep being. blacked out - so I just went to Starzand got it there- then- I just changed to the Just Right package - but I can’t find the sci , history and some other channels listed

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Re: deleted

I recorded some tv shows on NBC and CBS, but when I try to watch I get the error "Owner of the program doesn't allow it to be streamed to your location" ...how do I fix this?

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