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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC



Seriously, no ABC, CBS, or NBC?  WNEP shouldn't be hard to stream considering its available if I have your dish.  Better yet why not show the station when their news and regular programming is on such as GMA, Ellen, etc. as that is the same for everyone.

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

List of markets and  channels available.



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‎11-30-2016 1:54 PM

Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

Hi @IvanJT,


Depending on your zip code some of those channels are available on DIRECTV NOW. Visit this link to get more information on available channels.



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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

If you are going to cut the cord, then part of that strategy must include putting up an antenna and getting the app Channels (if you use Apple TV as your hub)  You have to invest in hardware (HD Homerun) and software (channels), but is flawless and has pause and fast forward available.  Between Directv Now, Channels and Netflix, I have everything I would need right from Apple TV.  Waiting for these streaming services to figure out the licensing issues associated with "free" tv could take years.  

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

It's not a question of difficulty.  The networks have to agree to have their channels streamed. 

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

i live in Los Angeles 90066, and I can't get any local channels at all.  Not on my PC, mac, iphone/ipad, appletv, amazon fire stick.

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

Same thing in Oklahoma over 2 months later...

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

@frustrat3d @markcling


We are working on increasing the local channel availability for our viewers. At the moment, being able to view Local/RSN Channels are based on your streaming location, your billing location, and the selected market the channel is offered in. You can check out our DIRECTV NOW Channel Lookup to see what Local/RSN Channels are available in your Zip Code. In some cases, it also depends on the device you are using: You can only stream NBC via web browser or the DIRECTV NOW app. You cannot stream NBC from Apple TV, Amazon Fire, or other media streaming players.


Check out more info in the Forums about Local Channel Streaming with DIRECTV NOW or our Help Center (Local Channel).



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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

I would have to put up a 300-foot antenna to get channels where I live. Not everybody lives in Big City USA. My answer to not being able to watch the ball drop was don't I get local channels? I don't get local channels on DirecTV now. I was supposed to get ABC as part of my package. I might as well just not pay for anything and runs one of the free programs that are supposed to be illegal like some people, I would have better luck.

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

DIRECTV NOW offers local channels within specified market areas. Eligibility is dependent on your billing zip code, and your access depends on the physical location of the device. Access to local channels depends upon the licensing agreements DIRECTV NOW has with local markets at your current location. Local, regional, and national providers hold the streaming and broadcast rights to these channels in local markets. AT&T continues to work with providers to add local streaming options. If streaming from a mobile device, local channel availability is dependent upon your billing zip code and the current physical location of the device.


To see what locals you might receive check the local channel look-up tool here

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

I have stated that I cannot get local channels with DirecTV now and when I started paying for the service I was told I would be able to get ABC NBC CBS and fox with the streaming app from DirecTV now. I was lied to
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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

If you were told you would get locals and you don't, then you have a good case to ask for a refund via chat.


If the local lookup link above shows you should get locals, then your billing zip doesn't match your actual location or DirecTV NOW is detecting the wrong location due to your ISP.


It's worth contacting chat to see what's really going on and to get some resolution. We're just other customers here and can't really help you outside of telling you what's worked or hasn't worked for us in the past.


I learned a long time ago to never trust anything a salesman tells me. Got to get everything in writing. They certainly do on their end when the make you accept that 100 page agreement when you sign up.


I totally sympathize with you and wish you the best.

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Re: No ABC, CBS, or NBC

Same here. Blatant lie to get our business - bait and switch. I had the locals for about 6 weeks, now gone. 



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Why can I no longer watch local channels like ABC and NBC live?

At home, on amazon fire stick:  I’m not the only one with ABC and NBC and CBS channels disappearing on them. 2 days ago I could watch ABC live /local network. How do I get them back?

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Re: Why can I no longer watch local channels like ABC and NBC live?

{keep it courteous} seriously, there are hundreds of posts related to this topic, especially recently. but since i'm such a nice guy, i'll type out the gist of what is going on for like the eighth time in the past 24 hours.


there is an issue coming up very frequently right now where you (your IP address) are being kicked out of your local area. i bet if you tried watching on your smartphone app you would get your local channels because smartphones use geolocations to get your location. there really is no fix right now. you could call your internet service provider and ask them about your IP address and tell them what's going on, but they will most likely tell you that it is not their fault. and DTVN will tell you that it is not DTVN's fault. and you'll get the run around. the other option is to chat with an agent here, but they will just tell you what i just told you or something basic like 'we are escalating your issue'.

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