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Locked out after upgrade


Locked out after upgrade

After updating app on Apple TV I can’t access account.  

Error code205.16

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Re: Locked out after upgrade

Changing the name ID and/or password also doesn't work. I get a new error when I attempt to do that:


30402 : Have we met? We don't recognize your info. Please sign in again or reset your password. For security, your account will lock for 30 mins after 5 tries.


This is account information that worked for more than a year, until yesterday. There is no resetting or changing or logging in that will fix this. Something is wrong on AT&T's end and someone there needs to fix this for us. I can't even login to cancel the service (if this can't be fixed) and nobody on the phone is able to do anything. 

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Re: Locked out after upgrade

You will see that on the web browser.

1. You first have to log into directvnow.com/accounts/sign-in on a web
browser using your current username and password
2. You are then redirected to an AT&T page and you have to enter your
password once again. You will get an error message after this. This is were
you will have the option to change password. Look below the forget password
wording option and the create new ID is in a blue hyperlink.
3. Click on that and you should be able to change your password and
4. Go back to the Apple TV and enter the new username and ID that you just

Let me know if that works for you.
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Re: Locked out after upgrade

Step 2 is where things fail. I am not redirected to an AT&T page that prompts for my login credentials again. I'm redirected to and AT&T page that says "Bad Request".

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Re: Locked out after upgrade

So now I'm coming up on a full 24 hours of being denied a paid service I'd like to use with an AT&T employee who has marked the problem solved with a procedure that solves nothing, missing chat icon on the help page, no phone support, no way to cancel my account, nobody I can contact, nobody who can do anything about it paying attention to this thread. This is incredible.

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How can I log into the chat when I cannot even log into the account? "ID not authorized"

My directvnow account was working fine for the last two month. Suddenly, it asked me to go to the the directvnow/accounts/sing-in and log in. I tried, but it says that my "ID not authorized". I cannot log into anything; Not even the chat. What happened? how do i fix it? I can watch on laptop and phone, but not on apple tv. 

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Re: How can I log into the chat when I cannot even log into the account? "ID not authorized&quo

I spent quite some time on the phone this afternoon and was sent to a number of people who didn't understand I was asking about DirecTV NOW, and after all the transferring of calls, I was told there is absolutely no way, ever, that anyone anywhere will ever be able to help me with DTV NOW on the phone. Period. End of story. Which is stupidly ridiculous.


So went to my closest AT&T store. Those folks were actually helpful. The gentleman who helped me saw my problem and understood why I'm in a jam. He went to the help site and he also could not see a chat icon on the help page! An AT&T employee, in an AT&T store, with an AT&T iPad, no chat icon! He started randomly touching where the chat icon should be, and after a few minutes, he was able to touch just the right spot and bring up the chat window. Something is broken with AT&T's website and they need to fix it. It's baffling to me how they don't know this.


After some online chatting with a rep (finally) I was told that my account has not yet been migrated to whatever new system is being set up, and it would be 24-48 hours before it was. In the meantime, they gave me a generous credit on this month and next month's bill, which I appreciate.


So, why is there a new app being rolled out that depends on account migrations that haven't happened yet? Why is the website also broken because of the migration? Why is the only support feature, online chat, so broken? Why is there no human anywhere on Earth I can speak to to get this fixed or find out what's happening? Why doesn't AT&T have some kind of login message telling you that you're account migration is in progress and your service won't work until it's done? Why was it considered acceptable to cut customers off from their service for 24-48 hours with no explanation or prior warning? What a disaster, unbelievable.


I don't consider this problem solved until I'm logged in and watching TV, which could be another couple of days. But I hope what I've shared here can help someone else and (in my dreams) shame some people at AT&T for the lousy job they've done.

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USER ID not authorized

Updated my Direct tv Now application on both of my apple tv’s. Each time I try and log in, I am getting “User ID not authorized [205.4]. I know my password and username are correct. Can someone please guide me on how to fix this issue? Thanks


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Re: USER ID not authorized

I'm getting the exact same error message. I can log in on my nadroid phone but not my apple TV.... Wish there was a number I could.cLl because I can't even log on to their page now!!!! 

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Re: USER ID not authorized

Yea I know, it’s ridiculous. I can’t log in to chat for help and I can’t log on to my account on either Apple TV. Let me know if you find anything out

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Re: How can I log into the chat when I cannot even log into the account? "ID not authorized&quo

Please do not claim the fix is easy.  It is easy only if instructions appear.  We logged into our account, but did not get any follow up instructions - only due to the helpful people on this forum did I know to change my account ID - which now means I have a completely different ID from any other services I use. Not sure why I needed an new ID

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Re: USER ID not authorized

I had the same problem after updating the app. Fixed it by logging in to my account on directvnow.com and changing my username and password.


Once I updated them I was able to log in on my Apple TV no problem.

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since March 15, I can not log in directtv now on Apple TV

I can still watch directtv now on my cell phone or desktop. but the Apple TV direct tv now app keeps asking me for log in and always fail to log in. Anyone have similar issue? Thanks!



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Re: Locked out after upgrade

Changing your UserID is the way to fix this as jojojo1 pointed out.  Apple TV had a recent update to the DirectTV NOW app.  The new 2.0 app icon is white in color vs the old black one.  Due to this you have to agree to new "terms & conditions".  The only way to successfully do this currently (until this app is fixed) is to change your User ID to a different name, password can remain the same.  Then try it again and it will work! 

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cannot login

Today Apple TV app asked me to update my user id/password. So I opened a browser and followed the instructions to update user id/password.


Ever since then I can't login. I've tried the website, multiple browsers, clearing cache, Apple TV, etc. - nothing works.


When attempting to login at directvnow.com in a browser i just get multiple redirects and eventually land on the login page again.

When attempting to login to Apple TV I get an "Oops something went wrong" error with code 50001-001


Now I'm on chat but waiting over 30 minutes to be transferred to support. Please help!

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Re: since March 15, I can not log in directtv now on Apple TV

Same issue, no resolution Smiley Sad

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